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The Unbelievable Big Brother 13 Finale

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WOW!  They said it could never happen… or maybe I just said it.  Rachel Reilly is the winner of Big Brother 13 and Rob and Nicole are ready to break down everything that transpired in this latest season of Big Brother.  On this podcast we will discuss:

– How exactly did Rachel Reilly win the game?  Was Rachel the most deserving player out of herself, Adam Poch and Porsche Briggs?  Would Rachel have still won against Adam in the Final 3?

– Are Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly better Big Brother players separate than they are as Brenchel in the Big Brother house?

– Why did Shelly Moore decide to vote for Rachel in the end, ultimately giving the $500,000 to Rachel?

– Who ended up being the most bitter member of the Big Brother 13 jury?

– Why did Julie Chen have to spend so much time on Cassi Colvin in the wrap-up segment?

– Plus we’ll answer all of your remaining Big Brother 13 questions.

It’s a Big Brother podcast that’s more unbelievable than Rachel actually winning Big Brother… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.

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