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Rob Cesternino recaps Big Brother 17 Episode 27 LIVE on Sunday, August 23, 2015 and discusses the latest news from the Big Brother Live Feeds with Live Feed Reporter, Taran Armstrong.

On this recap of episode 27 of Big Brother 17 on August 23, Rob Cesternino and Taran Armstrong discuss Austin as HoH and his nominations of Steve and John.

Rob starts off the podcast with saying how annoying he found Austin on this episode, especially his lengthy and dramatic nomination speech. Taran comments it was partly due to how much exposure he had on the show, adding that most of the Diary Rooms were his. Taran thinks that Austin is a below average player, but has twins on his side and luck with competition wins. Rob says that Vanessa has Austin eating out of the palm of her hand this week, despite what Austin said in the Diary Room about how he won’t let Vanessa control his HoH reign. Rob adds that it was possibly Vanessa’s most impressive episode.

Rob asks Taran about the formation of Brass Tacks (Austin, twins, James, and Meg), and why Austin wouldn’t betray it. Taran says those five bonded when they decided to evict Shelli over Vanessa. Besides that, Meg and James have great social skills and Austin and the twins enjoy their company.

Taran says Austin and the twins were rubbed the wrong the way when Steve was very adamant about not going on the block, and have been sketched out by hearing John yelling in the Diary Room. Rob comments that Austin was really wishy-washy this episode about who to nominate, and wanted others to make his decision for him. He also really wanted people’s approval to put them on the block. Taran says that the twins are always changing their minds about things, such as who the target should be. Rob asks if Vanessa could ever get the twins to turn on Austin. Taran says that Julia might, but only if Liz is no longer in the game. Taran says that the episode didn’t show that Vanessa was really campaigning for Austin to break his deal and target James this week.

Taran brings up that Austin was regretting winning HoH. Rob asks if Taran thinks that Austin made the right decision with nominations. Taran says yes because they need to keep Vanessa as a target ahead of them, but Austin should be targeting James. It came down to Austin liking Meg and James. Rob and Taran agree that Vanessa has played a very impressive game, and will win if she gets to the final two as long as she doesn’t have a meltdown.


Taran reveals that Vanessa won the veto in the Zingbot competition. He adds that Austin got a zing about his girlfriend, and Vanessa’s was something related to masterful crying game. John and Vanessa had a talk and cleared the air between them, though it may not be genuine on John’s side. Vanessa and Steve are on better terms now as well. Vanessa wants a side alliance with those two, so she is trying to get Austin to backdoor James. Taran’s prediction is that James will be evicted this week. Rob asks if that would be bad for Austin because he’d get more blood on his hands. Taran says yes, but Vanessa is trying to convince him, and is using the juror buyback as a campaigning point. Taran thinks that it may work, as James and Meg have not been checking in with Austin and the twins.

A viewer question asked about bribes being made in the house about the prize money. Taran responds that the twins say they will split the money if one of them wins, and production has not called them out for it. Also, Vanessa wants to make some sort of deal with Austin to use half of the prize money as a gambling stake if one of them win, but Austin isn’t in to it. Taran adds that the houseguests have known that she is a poker player for a while now, but not the extent of her success. The last viewer question asks about Vanessa calling Meg a mastermind. Taran says that since Meg has a good social game and is bad at competitions. Vanessa can only see things form a strategy point of view, so she is mistaking Meg’s likeability for strategic manipulation. As one last point, Taran says that he thinks John is actually prepared to work with Vanessa long-term, and that they could go very deep in the game together if so. #MasterMeg

Special thanks to Luke Adams for this episode recap.

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