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Big Brother 2015: Exit Interview Highlights & New HoH Feed Updates – 8/21/15

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Rob Cesternino brings you the exit interview withs last night’s evicted houseguest and updates from Thursday night on the BB17 Live Feeds with Alex Kidwell

Special Thanks to Alex Kidwell, Brent Wolgamott and Taran Armstrong for compiling this week’s exit interview questions

Exit Interview Questions for Becky Burgess

Rob Has a Podcast: What were your expectations of this game going in as someone who maybe wasn’t as familiar with it as others? How much has your perception of the game changed during your time in the house?

Becky: Actually I think I had a pretty good perception of the game. I had studied it and watched 6 seasons of the game before entering. Some people had watched the game for years on end but hadn’t watched an episode in a while so would often forgot the specifics.

RHAP: We saw you get a surprise nomination the very first week, which forced you to fight for your life early on; Did this affect your strategy much, and if so, how?

B: YES. This hurt my game early on because I did perform really well in the BOB competitions so people knew, I was a physically strong competitor.

RHAP: If you get a chance to return, who will you be looking to align yourself with and why?

B: Johnny Mac for sure. Potentially Steve or the Meg and James duo depending on the game.

RHAP: If you do go back in, who will you be targeting first and why?

B: I’m caught between two places. I would like to put up Liz and Austin side by side. They haven’t had to play until this late in the game and they put me up when I kept them safe. On the other hand, I know the toughest people for me to beat in the finals would be Steve and Vanessa. It would all depend on where the game is at upon re-entering.

RHAP: How surprised were you that James, Jackie and Meg decided to vote Shelli out over Vanessa? What was going through your head the moment you found out they were flipping it?

B: I was surprised because they had vocalized wanting Vanessa out over Shelli even before I won my HOH. However, I was more upset at myself on how I approached the situation with Vanessa because I should have been more prepared for her to remain in the house than I was.

RHAP: Do you feel there’s anything more you could have done to help yourself stay in the house this week? What would it be and why?

B: Liz told me that I was a pawn and I actually believed it. It was only until 24 hours before that I really got scared that I wasn’t. The pain in my foot was bad enough that any form of campaigning became very difficult since the recovery time was unknown.

RHAP: Who do you think is playing the best and worst games right now? Why?

B: I think Austin, Steve and John have the best shot of winning right now because they’re playing without having to run HOH’s. Julia just doesn’t really talk game nor does she win competitions. I don’t think that she’ll be winning the game.

RHAP: How is your toe feeling? How much did the injury actually hinder your ability to campaign to save yourself this week?

B: It was horrific. Absolutely horrific. I stopped being able to sleep and my toe almost doubled in size. Campaigning became very difficult.


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