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This weekend has been marked by the film the Dark Knight Rises in two big ways. For fans of the film, this was supposed to be all celebration for the release of “The Dark Knight Rises”, the third film in the Christopher Nolan Batman series. Unfortunately, tragedy struck on Thursday evening when a gunman took the lives of twelve filmgoers and injured seventy-one at a screening of the film in Aurora, Colorado.

Rob is joined by John Norton, host of “The Tribe” podcast and the “MetroBuzz” podcast to discuss the film trilogy and specifically “The Dark Knight”

Rob and Jon discuss many of the films plot points which revolve around and older and physically worn down Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale). Bruce Wayne now is a reclusive shut in who walks with a cane (not Michael Cain). In the films opening minutes, we are introduced to Catwoman, played by the very talented Anne Hathaway. She is a cat burglar who is trained as a safe cracker who steals Bruce Wayne’s pearl necklace as well as his fingerprints. Rob wants to know if the character of Catwoman was a lesbian in the film? Rob thought that she was supposed to be while John strongly disagrees.

The main foe that Batman grapples with in the film is Bane (Tom Hardy). After Bane and Batman finally meet in the film, Bane sends Batman to live in the same prison that Bane grew up in. Rob and John both agree that this was the weakest part of the film where Bruce Wayne struggles to attempt to escape from the prison a number of times. What’s unclear is what is Bane’s ultimate endgame in the film. Bane takes over Gotham city and attempts to overthrow all of the fatcats and help out the little guy. There are echoes of the 99 percenters and Occupy Wall Street to what Bane attempts to do. However, Bane simultaneously arms an atomic bomb which could destroy Gotham City. Rob and John try to figure out what Bane is really trying to do since he makes no efforts to escape from the blast radius.

Rob wonders if Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle could really work as a couple after the film ends. Rob doesn’t believe so because he thinks that Selina has already demonstrated herself to be untrustworthy to Bruce Wayne and thinks this does not bode well for the future of the relationship. Plus, Rob reminds everybody that Bruce Wayne is completely broke from the debacle at the stock market. Not to mention, Bruce Wayne is supposed to be dead and left everything he owns to other people. Rob doesn’t think this is a good combination and may result in the pair being involved with crime.

Rob and John discuss how the third film in the movie trilogy may have been different if not for the tragic death of Heath Ledger. The Joker’s storyline in 2008’s “The Dark Knight” left everything very open ended in regards to the Joker. Plus, Rob and John speculate what could be next for Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character, Blake after it is revealed that his real name is Robin.

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