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Bachelorette Season 12 Episode 2 | Firefighting, Choice-making, Proposals, and Protein

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Amy and Haley recap The Bachelorette Season 12 Episode 2, as JoJo Fletcher goes on two group dates and her first one on one date with Derek.
In this podcast, they talk about:
  • The firefighter school group date with Wells, Evan, Robby, Luke, James F., Daniel, Grant, Ali, Will and Vinny
  • The limo on fire scene to start the group date
  • Wells getting the group date rose after his struggles with the challenge
  • Luke whining about losing to firefighter Grant in the rescue challenge
  • Chad doing pull-ups with his suitcase on his weight belt
  • Chad and Daniel’s friendship
  • The drama caused by Chad throughout the episode
  • Derek’s one-on-one date with JoJo where they made a series of choices, ending up at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  • Derek’s awkward reveal that he was cheated on
  • The ESPN “Sports Nation” group date with Jordan, Christian, Nick, James T., Alex and Chad
  • Marcellus Wiley and Max Kellerman’s power ranking of the guys: James T in 1st, Chad in 2nd, and Alex in 3rd
  • James Taylor winning the group date rose
  • Chad rubbing the other men the wrong way
  • Alex and the other guys confronting Chad
  • Chad’s one-on-one time with JoJo and revealing that his mom died
  • Chase’s cocktail party date with snow and mittens
  • Christian’s awkward striptease and spa date at the rose ceremony
  • The men who didn’t get a date this week: Brandon, Chase, and James S. the superfan
  • Brandon, James S. and Will getting eliminated at the rose ceremony
  • The guys’ boy band song for JoJo
  • Meat trays
  • and more!
Amy and Haley recorded right after the east coast airing tonight, so did not have updated draft results at the ready. Follow Scorekeeper George on Twitter (@GeorgeCTV) for full draft point results this week.
Follow Amy (@RHAPrecapper) and Haley (@hstrong_) on Twitter and share your thoughts in the comments, and send along any additional questions if you didn’t have time to get one in!
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