The Bachelor

Recapping the Bachelorette Fireworks LIVE on July 4th

Rob and Nicole are ready to celebrate the 4th of July with the listeners, although Rob is a little hungover from all the Big Brother results show excitement last night. Rob announces that he and Nicole will be doing a Big Brother cast preview instead of a Friggin 5 this week. Rob and Nicole also talk about their failed attempt to see Ted last week.

Rob then talks about all the reactions from the Big Brother Top All-time Players list– Evel Dick was very vocal on twitter with disagreements about many of the placements on the list. Overall, Rob thought the list was good, but Jeff and Jordan were probably too high. He also thought Jun Song and Danielle Reyes were too low. Rob thinks Glass House would be the perfect show for Jeff because he would run away with the win due to the public voting. Rob also thinks Jeff and Jordan’s new show (Jeff and Jordan Do America) is the replacement for Around the World for Free.

Next, Rob and Nicole go into Rumor Control for The Bachelorette. The rumor is that Emily might be picking another guy who is not one of the 3 finalists– the rumor is that Emily Maynard is dating Bachelor host Chris Harrison. Allegedly they first hit it off during Brad’s season, and now Chris Harrison is divorced from his wife of 18 years. Rob is buying this story–after all, some people have called Emily a “golddigger.”

Rob and Nicole then discuss the hometown dates. Sean played a prank by saying he still lives at home in a messy room. They think this showed Emily’s dishonesty– she acted as though she was cool with Sean’s living situation. Nicole thinks Emily got rid of Chris because he was too clingy. They also talk about Arie’s hometown visit and the awkwardness when Arie’s mom kept speaking Dutch in front of Emily. Nicole thinks Sean and Arie will be the final 2. Leonardo also calls in and says he doesn’t think Emily’s relationship will last.

Rob and Nicole finish up with some RHAP-id fire questions. Don’t forget to check out the Big Brother Cast Preview later this week!

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