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As recapped by master recapper, Amy H. (Follow @RHAPRecapper on Twitter)

Rob Has a Web Show is back on Wednesday, June 27th at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT to discuss all of the latest Reality TV news and try to handicap Emily Maynard’s Final Four guys on The Bachelorette.

At the top of the show, Rob is sporting a new makeover and Nicole is confused. Tune in for the BIG TWIST! Let’s just say it’s another “expect the unexpected” moment on Rob Has a Web Show. Rob reminds everyone that Saturday is the last day to vote in the Big Brother poll. He and Nicole will be amping up the Big Brother coverage this summer with live shows Thursday nights and Saturday morning shows. Rob is excited to announce that Alex Stein will be joining him in studio next Monday for the web show. Alex has also inspired Rob to create a Reality Academy to help people with their reality show dreams. He would consult with people before they go on the show to coach them on their persona and strategy.

Rob provides an update on the escapades of his naked neighbor. She was taking topless pictures and sexting the other night. Rob tried to get Nicole to witness it but Nicole denies he ever tried to inform her. Rob and Nicole then argue about whether Nicole has ever seen any of the naked neighbor’s naughty bits. Nicole claims she’s only seen bra and thong action. When Rob implores Rob’s fact checker to scour past podcasts for evidence, Nicole concedes she might have seen a boob or two.

Emily is now down to the Final Four on the Bachelorette after she sent Doug and John (“Wolf”) packing last night. Rob feels that being a “nice guy” is a turn off for some women. As Rob is waxing poetic about Doug’s “nice guy” status, Nicole shatters Rob’s theory by breaking the news to him that Doug is a girlfriend-beater. Rob is shocked. Nicole covered this scandal Nicole Has a Web Show and she gives Rob a quick briefing on Doug’s past. Rob and Nicole then talk about how John’s ex-girlfriend cheated on him and how Creepy Chris has upped the crazy this week, saying things like: “If I don’t get a hometown date, I’ll be afraid for the people around me.” Nicole also talks about an article that detailed Emily’s plastic surgery and said that Emily is at odds with Ricki’s grandparents.

Rob and Nicole break down The Bachelorette Final 4: Arie, Jef, Sean, and Chris. Rob thinks Emily was going to send Chris home, but changed her mind (likely out of fear) after his talk with her during the rose ceremony. Arie had a past relationship with Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert and Emily was upset he didn’t tell her. Rob thinks the show and Chris Harrison really downplayed this– making it seem so long ago, and so innocent. Rob is sure that the relationship with the producer is what got Arie cast on the show and doesn’t know why they didn’t film Emily’s conversation with Arie– it would have been good TV. Unlike Rob, Nicole doesn’t think the “Arie Producer Scandal” is that big of a deal– everyone has exes. Rob thinks that the producer should be unbiased and wonders how the other guys feel about it.

Rob and Nicole then try to decide who is going to be the next bachelor (Ding), who is the best for Emily (Marry), and who is going to be on Rob Has a Web Show (Kill). They choose: Ding = Arie, Marry = Sean, and Kill = Single-F Jef and Chris. Rob thinks ABC would want Arie for the next Bachelor, but Nicole thinks it could be Jef. She also notes that there is talk that Roberto (from Ali’s season) will be the next Bachelor. Rob is leading the campaign for the first “Blackchelor.”

Up next is Parasocial Dude, who is not a fan of Sean. He predicts Jef could be the next Bachelor because he’s getting a likeable edit. Rob and PD are also excited to see Chris on Bachelor Pad, if the rumors are true. PD thinks that the combo of Arie being a racecar driver “familiar” with a producer got him on the show. Rob is upset that Cassie Lambert has more twitter followers than him. Rob and Nicole then take some questions about which guys would be the best dad and which podcaster Nicole would date if Rob died. Next Danny Cesternino (@Danny_Ces) rejoins the broadcast and gives his thoughts on live tweeters, the movie Ted, and the suggested new handle “@RobHasaBrother.” Danny also plays “What’s Your Number?” with Nicole. (number = podcasts listened to).

Rob will be on a road trip with Danny so there’s no Friggin Five this week. Remember to tune in to The Pretty Fit Chick Web Show on Friday (10 am PT/ 1 pm ET) and vote in the Big Brother poll by Saturday, June 30. And next week is a big week for Rob Has a Web Show. On Monday night, Alex Stein will appear live in person for the Glass House Web Show. Tuesday, July 3rd will be the Big Brother Top 14 Players live results show. And what better way to celebrate Independence Day than with Rob Has a Web Show on Wednesday morning? Plus, Rob and Nicole will do a Big Brother Cast Assessment Preview podcast coming up next week as well.


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