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Rob and Nicole reveal breaking Snooki news, thoughts on Kalon’s “baggage” comment, and a new side of their apartment in this edition of Rob Has a Web Show.

Naked photos of Snooki have been leaked on the internet and the intrepid reporter Rob made sure to research this thoroughly. He was dismayed to find strategically-placed black bars popping up at every turn. Allegedly Snooki’s cell phone was hacked, but Rob’s theory is that Snooki leaked them herself. Why else would pictures be leaked and censored simultaneously? Rob and Nicole try to predict who will have their phone “hacked” next.

Rob mentions he’s going to do a podcast about Redneck Island with Jonny Fairplay. He’ll save his thoughts on the show for the podcast, but does say it’s way too drawn out.

Speaking of drawn out, Rob and Nicole sat through a 2 hour Bachelorette this week. They discuss “Baggage-gate”: Kalon calling Emily’s daughter Ricki “baggage.” Rob reads Frank Clark’s defense of Kalon’s statement, saying 99.999% of men would agree. Rob suggests Emily’s season should have been marketed as “The Bachelorette: MILF edition.” Nicole isn’t sure it’s fair that the guys have to contend with a kid tagging along during the season. Rob has issues with Doug dropping a dime on Kalon and the guys getting on their high horse about Kalon’s remarks. Haven’t these guys heard of “Bros before Hos?” And Rob points out the irony that Jef and Emily compare Ricki to Louis Vuitton baggage, yet Kalon is the one guy who owned LV luggage. Nicole also wonders why Jef knew what a Chloe handbag was. Rob and Nicole also talk about the definition of a “rooster,” Emily’s snoozefest dates, Ryan’s douchiness during the Shakespeare date, and Emily’s baby-centric babbling.

Web Show legend Leonardo calls in, with a second appearance by his grandma. His grandmother proves to be pro-Kalon: she also thinks a woman with a kid is baggage. Rob tries to find out if Leonardo would be his “bro.” Rob also talks about how the previews at the end of the episode blatantly reveal who lasts the longest on the show.

Rob says he will talk about the Glass House live feeds and the Reality Steve lawsuit on the Friggin 5 tomorrow. Nicole also gives her binary rating of Piranha 3DD: It’s a 1! Her favorite scene was when a vajayjay-lodged baby piranha chomped off a guy’s wiener.

Next, Rob and Nicole take some text questions. They discuss Love in the Wild, Jenny McCarthy, Amazing Spiderman, a Game of Thrones podcast Rob did with Matt Noble, the Seth McFarlane movie Ted, and more.

Rob also explains the set-up of the Big Brother Top 14 poll, which will be live soon. Rob will do a live results show countdown after the results are tabulated.

Other notable events to look forward to include the first-ever live Glass House web show on June 18 at 11 pm EST, the premiere of Nicole’s “That Pretty Fit Chick” fitness podcast on Friday, and more movie podcasts throughout the summer.

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