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Bachelorette 2015 Season 11 Episode 8 RHAP-up Podcast: The Final 3

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 Amy and Haley react to Kaitlyn cutting two men this week, resulting in the final three who will go to fantasy suite dates.

In this podcast they discuss:
  • Ben H’s one-on-one date and Kaitlyn asking him if he was a virgin
  • The group date (three-on-one) with Joe, Shawn and Nick
  • the ongoing rivalry between Shawn and “the other guy” Nick
  • Joe’s abrupt and angry reaction to being dumped after saying “I love you” to Kaitlyn
  • Kaitlyn choosing to spend more time with Shawn and revealing to him that she had sex with Nick
  • Shawn’s reaction to Kaitlyn informing him of “moving too fast” with Nick
  • Jared’s sweet reaction to being eliminated and how he became their favorite guy on the show, while Nick and Shawn just became annoying
  • Nick’s fantasy suite date with Kaitlyn and their conversational rapport
  • the cliffhanger with Shawn confronting Nick at his hotel
  • the end of the episode clip featuring Britt and Brady starting the long-distance phase
They also share tweets and answer listener questions. Draft standings are:
  • Haley, with all players eliminated at 44 points
  • Nick Viall, unclaimed, with 46 points
  • Amy, with Shawn still in contention, at 72 points
  • Kelley in the lead, with Ben H still in play (and losing Joe and Jared this week), at 108 points
    Haley (@hstrong_)

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