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Bachelorette 2015 Season 11 Episode 7 RHAP-up Podcast | Jealousy in Ireland

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Amy and Haley react to learning how the show structure is switching up for fantasy suites and hometown dates as Kaitlyn Bristowe narrows the field of 9 remaining men in Ireland.
In this podcast they discuss:
  • JJ and Joe’s 2 on 1 date, and Joe receiving the rose
  • Shawn B’s jealousy and Kaitlyn telling him they needed to slow down and take a step back
  • Kaitlyn’s awkward chat with Ben H about what happened while he was in the shower
  • Nick and Shawn both being nervous since Kaitlyn said at the cocktail party she had a rough week
  • the reveal that Kaitlyn had visited Shawn and Ben H and told Shawn he was “the one”
  • the surprising elimination of Ben Z (and not so surprising elimination of Tanner)
  • Kaitlyn’s road trip with Jared, which included selfies and a trip to the Blarney stone, while the other guys traveled in a bus
  • Nick and Tanner’s bromance
  • Chris Harrison telling Kaitlyn that she had to cut 6 men down to three, and that there would be no hometown dates until the final two
  • The structure of the show changing for “fairness” to allow all men to have equal “alone time” before hometowns
  • Predictions for final 3
  • Kaitlyn’s 1 on 1 date with Chris “Cupcake,” dumping him near the edge of a cliff
  • Chris’s reaction to Kaitlyn not giving him a rose, including asking her why, saying she’s just scared, and crying into his scarf 
  • Chris describing Killarney, Ireland as “this is what my soul looks like”
  • News about Bachelor in Paradise: Marcus and Lacey getting married on the premiere, Tanner and JJ revealed as new contestants
  • Amy Schumer’s demands to be the next Bachelorette
  • Their excitement about Bachelor in Paradise
  • Their disappointment in the lack of action this episode, and too much focus just on Shawn
They also share tweets and answer listener questions. Draft results will be revealed on the next podcast, but Haley’s contestants have been eliminated, Amy is down to just Shawn, and Kelley has the remaining contestants (Joe, Ben H, Jared), while Nick is off earning points on his own.
Haley (@hstrong_)
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