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Bachelor Season 20 Episode 1 | Ben Meets the 28 Women

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Amy and Haley are excited to talk about the Bachelor Season 20 Premiere and their first impressions of the 28 women competing to win the heart of Ben Higgins.
In this podcast, they talk about:
  • their excitement getting back into the podcasting season after a winter break
  • reactions to Ben’s hometown intro package in Indiana farmland
  • the video packages shown of Lauren B, Caila, Jubilee, Mandi, Twins Emily and Haley, Amanda, Tiara, and Sam
  • Ben’s appeal and poise as the Bachelor
  • Becca Tilley and Amber James, returning contestants from Chris Soules’ season, and their connections with Ben and the reactions of the other women
  • the good and the bad of the entrances, including Maegan’s mini horse Huey, Mandi the wacky dentist with a rose hat, Breanne’s satanic bread, and Jojo with the unicorn mask
  • Lace’s drunken jealousy and attempts to kiss Ben
  • Olivia’s first impression rose
  • and more!
As always they provide an update of Draft Scores, answer listener questions, and share tweets from #BachelorNation. Follow Scorekeeper George on Twitter (@GeorgeCTV) for full draft point details.
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