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How the Bachelor Pad is Just Like High School

Jessica FreyA guest post from RHAP Intern and Live Show Producer, Jessica Frey (@ItsJessicaFrey)

The Bachelor Pad is never with out backstabbing and catty girls similar to high school and this week with Dave’s prom date it was exactly that.

The Homecoming King:  Michael Stagliano

Can this guy do anything wrong? He missed winning the challenge by a nose.  He already won the show once and this time he is in a good alliance just like last time. What will stop this guy? I don’t know.  He proposes to fans. He makes their dreams come true.  He is even nice to Dave and the other people he is going to vote out. He truly is the golden boy.

The Nerd turned Prom King:  Dave

He is the outcast as the only fan left. Winning the challenge saved him.  The girls are treating him nice, but its more kind of out of pity I feel. Even Erica rose is really only nice to him so she can possibly have the numbers.  He got to be king for the day. He was the cinderfella but the clock has to strike midnight at some point right?

The Prom Queen:  Rachel

Rachel became the prom queen after winning her portion of the ice cream and chocolate filled obstacle course saving her man of the house Michael by giving him the rose.  She also took Nick and Tony on the bachelor inspired wax museum date.  I, for one, cannot get over the irony of Nick portraying a wax figure since he rarely talks and sometimes I forget he is on this show and was on the bachelorette.  Furthermore, It was kind of hard to watch Tony having to hear the fans say he was basically pathetic and Tony just had to sit there.

The Burnout: Ed

Ed is one of my favorites this season.  He is kind of the Judd Nelson from the Breakfast club of the Bachelor Pad.  For the second week he came in last in the challenge giving him an automatic vote at the rose ceremony, but it really does not seem to faze him.  He just seems to be having fun, hooking up and drinking.  Now that his one “enemy” Reid is out of the house, there is a good chance Ed will be thrusting his fist in the air all the way to the finals, because he is not a threat really.

The Overachiever:  Reid  

He does not like how Ed gets everything, but puts in less effort. Maybe in high school, Reid’s effort would get him an A, but in Bachelor Pad, he got a limo ride home.  Apparently on Bachelor Pad, no one likes scheming and backstabbing.  It is part of the game, but if you are going to lie then you should be quiet about it like Kalon.

The Bad Boy: Kalon

Kalon is definitely the player, the bad boy of bachelor pad. The one your mom warns you about in high school.  Once again he revels in being in the position of swing vote. He loves being the one to cause trouble and send people home.  This would make Lindzi the girl next door, turned bad perhaps.  That story is still unfolding.

The Girl Who Just Wants to Be Popular:  Donna

She is that girl in school who is way to self-obsessed and just wants to be popular.  She was going to be upset if she left because she would not have hooked up with anyone.  She sounded surprised when Erica told her that she was going to be getting votes at the rose ceremony. I do not know how this can be a surprise. The fans have been targets every previous episode.   This episode was certainty no different with Donna going home. So only time will tell if Dave can let the favorites turn on each other or if he will suffer the same fate as his fellow fans.

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