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Guest Post: Handicapping the Bachelor Pad 3 Field

Jessica FreyA guest post from RHAP Intern and Live Show Producer, Jessica Frey (@ItsJessicaFrey)


“Hide your children ’cause it’s going to be Rated R all season long.”

Yep, that is what you get when you combine catty girls, hot guys, some liars, alcohol, cameras and prize money.

It’s a game of “Guess who?” because its fans vs. favorites this season on bachelorette and I needed to Google some of these previous bachelor/ette contestants. I’m a pretty avid fan so If I don’t remember someone, the person is pretty unmemorable. Despite this, it still promises to be an interesting season.

The Rejected Bachelors and Bachelorettes:


Michael Stagliano: Coming back into “Bachelor Pad” a second time, he is one of two returnee Bachelor Pad contestants. Although Michael does not really start that much drama because he is so well liked, the other players and the girl “fans” adore him. He is a threat because he won last season. He says he is coming back for love, so hopefully people wont see that as a threat because I would love to see him be the “Sandra” of Bachelor Pad. See the strategy of Bachelor Pad is lackluster and simple compared to Survivor. Michael knows what to do; hence why he won the first time.  He said this episode, “The game is lying. Just avoid conversations — and if you do talk to someone, then lie to them.”

Kalon McMahon: America’s most hated bachelor. He revels in his role as “villain” driving up in his convertible and saying he needs the money for helicopter fuel. He too isn’t afraid of lying since he has already said he is lying to everybody in the house. While still pompous and arrogant, Kalon is a character and much more suited for bachelorpad and I actually hope he sticks around.

Chris Bukowski: Also known as Creepy Chris to the RHAP fans and he is going to continue being known as creepy. Last season, it was Blake and this season it is Chris. He is going to try and play many girls and I predict he ends up getting caught up in the drama and does not take home the prize because in Bachelor Pad the women vote off the men and the men vote off the women. This is because in the Bachelor Pad, girls talk and they get jealous easily so Chris is going to need to be careful before he goes from girl to girl. So I see Chris being an instigator of many tears and catfights among the other girls.

Tony Pieper from Emily’s season: The other single dad from Emily’s season who wanted to leave the Bachelorette to spend time with his kid yet he is back on the pad this season. He always kind of annoyed me and is not that attractive. I see him being what Rachel calls a floater, but his partner right now is Lindzi Cox from Ben’s season and she is one of the best liked so we’ll see maybe Tony will do good this season.

Ed Swiderski: Ed is a good choice; he is a known ladies man. He cheated on Jillian after they were engaged and he will bring the entertainment this season, seen from his being absolutely plastered on night one to the point he was stripping.

Reid Rosenthal: He is also from Jillian’s season has some beef with Ed when he tried to win Jillian back on that season. Ed was not afraid to bring up his past feud with Reid the first night so only time will tell if these tension continues with the two guys. He is a memorable contestant and not bad on the eyes so I can see him going far perhaps. He did choose to partner up with fan Paige proving opposites attract, but Paige fell fate to the plan to boot all fans.

Nick Peterson and Ryan Hoag: They are both floaters, I would like to see them go far just because they seem like nice guys and they are good looking but other than that they are forgettable. Nick is known for always working out but you would not really know that because he maybe spoke once in his season and was shown maybe once. Ryan is known for being a virgin on Deanna’s season and for still being a virgin now, we’ll see how that works out for him.

Lindzi Cox: She is the horse girl from Ben’s season, one of the actual memorable ones that they brought back. Everyone likes her; she could possibly be the Tennley 2.0, which is a good thing. Her choice in Tony as a partner was odd, but I can see Lindzi going far.

Erica Rose: She is also returning to Bachelor Pad after playing last summer. She never ceases to bring the drama. Right away, she lets everyone known that her and Kalon know each other off the show and there is bad blood there. Again, I’m thinking Erica is going to let the drama win. She will be good television because she can be a bit of a drama queen, but I don’t think she is going to win. She is already the target of the fans and she has proven already that she will tell you like it is and that she knows strategy.

Blakely Jones: On Ben’s season, she was labeled as a “cougar” and she was over the top to put it nicely. Basically a lot of the girls hate her and that drama is coming into the bachelorpad so expect catfights. She is paired with “creepy Chris” and I’m thinking she is going to get played because Chris wants to get over Emily and have fun.

Jamie Otis from Ben’s season is known as the crazy kisser girl. She talks a lot more on bachelorpad than she did in all her episodes of the bachelor.

Sarah Newlon: from Brad’s first season, honestly I have no idea who she is, so it’s funny and ironic when she was asking if Ryan was a fan. A lot of the favorites seem interchangeable.

Jaclyn Swartz: She is from Ben’s season and is another unmemorable girl from Ben’s season. She is only there because she is the one that really hates Blakely. I’m pretty sure ABC is blowing all these “feuds” out of proportion just for entertainment. I see Jaclyn not winning but crying a lot on television.

Rachel Trueheart: She is also from Ben’s season, not a lot of new stuff to say about her. She is probably going to get caught up in Blakely drama but also the rest of the cast seems to like her. I think ABC cast so many girls from Ben’s season because they all do not get along and that is going to lead to meltdowns.

The Fans:


First off, it seems unfair to have only 6 fans so they are even at a less advantage compared to “favorites”. The fans competing are Donna, twins, Brittany and Erica playing as one, Paige, Chris, and David. From the get go, it was obvious from the first night that the fans and the favorites were going to target each other and ultimately that’s what happened when Chris and Paige got sent home. Although the fans did put up a good showing in the first challenge when partners David and the duo of Brittany and Erica won the first endurance like challenge. They got to go on a date as a reward inspired by past bachelor dates.

The fan twist is more of a gimmick and I don’t know if most of the fans are actually fans. I do not have really have high hopes for the fans this season because they are out numbered and everyone wants them gone as of now. The fans are there for extra drama and for the little comedic, cheesy moments that would make Cochran laugh like Chris asking to take a picture with Chris Harrison.

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