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Guest Post: The True Summer Games are Taking Place on Bachelor Pad

Jessica FreyA guest post from RHAP Intern and Live Show Producer, Jessica Frey (@ItsJessicaFrey)

I thought the Olympics were in London this year, but there is quite the show in Los Angeles this summer. This week, the women’s gymnastics team faltered while the men of bachelor pad actually did a “good” job in their challenge that was rhythmic gymnastics. Michael Stagliano being a performer and dancer again received the rose for this competition as he did in a similar challenge last season. David really tried to win this one, as he is the last male fan in the house, however Michael just knows how to stand out in these competitions.  The girls performance was surprisingly very lackluster, no one is calling these girls the fab five of bachelor pad.  I mean the guys had Ed and Reid on their team and they still beat the girls.  Blakely received the rose for the girls for doing the best. The two lowest scoring competitors received a penalty vote at the next rose ceremony, which this little twist is proving to a good move to shake up the house so far.

The Dates

Michael says he is looking for love this time around and that is how he is making decisions regarding dates. This non-strategy could actually work out for him, taking him far simply because he is such a nice guy and he is not being strategic.  He even made the comment tonight that he was like the coach to the new players, could this parallel a certain Big Brother season, maybe perhaps.

On the actual date, he chooses, Rachel, Lindzi and surprisingly Donna.  Michael is a nice guy so he gave Donna what any fan would want, but Donna is just way over the top on the date and just goes for it. I felt bad watching because it is obvious Michael was just being nice.

Blakely chose Chris (her partner), Ed, and David… which makes Chris mad. Chris is really digging himself a hole here by going stringing along Blakely when he wants Jamie. Sooner or later, girls in the house talk and I cannot wait for Chris to reap what he has sewn. Not only is Chris playing the girls, he is playing the game too hard too fast thinking he is in control. Blakely just teased Chris by picking David showing that Chris does not hold all the power and ultimately she kept her partner safe. However, this partnership has major trust issues and I predict it will crash and burn.

Double Trouble

Everyone wants the twins gone. From start to finish, they only bicker and fight with each other.  One wants to stay, one wants to go, one likes Dave.  It is just a mess and probably much to the producer’s dismay they leave on their own.  One would think, yes all the fans gone in one episode but not exactly. Chris Harrison says this means all the girls are safe and only the men are vulnerable to elimination tonight.

Kalon, The Puppet Master

Kalon is proving to be a sly little puppet master. We do not see him this whole episode until we see the beginnings of him and Lindzi, which what could be a strong alliance in the making. Kalon is using the format of bachelor pad to get his threats gone and not getting his hands dirty.  He is letting Lindzi do the talking.  Is Kalon channeling his inner Dr. Will and following the Chill town handbook? I don’t know, but I am very curious if Kalon can pull it off.  The plan works and Ryan goes home, who really is not a threat since in the words of Rachel Reilly, he is a floater.

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