Guest Post: Chris’ Menage a Quatro on Bachelor Pad

Jessica FreyA guest post from RHAP Intern and Live Show Producer, Jessica Frey (@ItsJessicaFrey)

There was definitely sparks flying this episode. It started with the challenge that happens every season; it’s the questionnaire challenge. Designed to start drama, the girls and guys are asked embarrassing questions about each other in hopes of fueling the fire. Jamie learned the lesson that sometimes honesty is not always the best policy. She was truthful in saying Jaclyn was the “most fake” and it gets her into trouble. Really through, in my opinion, the majority of girls on this season caddy and to use ABC’s words, “fake”.

The first thing of note about this challenge is that Ed actually won a competition and so did his partner Jaclyn. They shared a baseball date, which made Sarah jealous and let us know that  she was the one who hooked up with Ed a couple episodes ago. There are so many hook ups on this show its hard to keep them all straight. Instead of going on two separate dates, Jaclyn and Ed go on the date together and they gave the other date to Chris.  Later, Ed would give his rose to Rachel to save her. Ed actually seemed more into it this episode, but he was not without his humor that everyone loves.

Now things get interesting because Chris’s love triangle gets a little more square when he chooses Sarah over Blakely and Jamie. Chris is just causing unnecessary drama and this might be the last episode for him. Chris made his bed and the next week is when we’ll see him lie in it. I feel bad for Jamie to an extent because she is so naive and Chris is just manipulating her but she is just over the top dramatic – Remind you of anyone else on summer television? Jamie is the Danielle from Big brother of Bachelor Pad. Even Michael wants to help Jamie, but he does not know what to do to calm her down. I do not know why ABC has the Glass House when they have Bachelor Pad, which is just the poor man’s Big Brother in a way. Some of these people in Bachelor Pad need to learn to chill if they want to win because the girls talk and after this episode Chris told too many lies and has played too emotional.

This rose ceremony was another episode of Kalon’s lies. Kalon loves to continue to stir the pot and tell everyone he is with him or her.  However, he does it quieter than Chris does, so we shall see how long it lasts for him. Although Kalon admitted he may tell lies, but he will not lie to Lindsay, so is Lindsay the true puppet master. Chris is going to reap what he sewed because by targeting Blakely over Jamie, Chris showed he is playing emotionally and not strategic and going against his alliance. Ultimately, another fan bit the dust and Dave finally went home and Jamie got burned.

So here are some predictions:  As much as Kalon loves lying, as long as he is in a couple, he will stay loyal to that group and probably get burned sometime in the future. I am still holding out for Ed and Michael to go all the way to the finale for the guys, so we will see. Although a Kalon finale would be interesting and Lindsay could easily win. However, Kalon is a manipulator and he may suffer the same fate as other strategists and get that third place spot.

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