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The Crazy Bachelor Pad Twins and Updates from the Big Brother House

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Rob and Nicole are celebrating their 2-year wedding anniversary in style, and Rob breaks the exciting news that Dan Gheesling gave a shout-out on the feeds last night saying “Happy Anniversary Rob and Nicole” and mentioned RHAP. So Rob now is 100% throwing his support behind Dan. Rob thinks Dan and his wife Chelsea are the purer version of him and Nicole.

Next, Rob and Nicole talk about Jessica “Sugar” Kiper appearing nude on the TV show “Weeds.” The NSFW link is in the chat for those interested. Also, Dr. Marcus Lehman from Survivor Gabon was on the CBS TV show “3,” but the show has already been cancelled after 2 episodes.

Then Rob draws attention to a glaring oversight: Jeff Probst has not yet been scheduled to appear on RHAP to promote his new talk show. Rob wants Cesternation to tweet Jeff Probst encouraging him to appear on the podcast by using #RHAPsupportsJeff. Next, Rob plays some theme song options from Adjustin Beaver.

Rob and Nicole then talk Bachelor Pad and the out-of-control twins, Brittany and Erica, who were fighting and ended up quitting the game. Rob isn’t sure why they had to get rid of both of them. He thinks they should have kept Erica, the slutty twin, who was hooking up with David. They also talk about the dancing challenge and Creepy Chris’s manipulative tactics. Rob thinks Chris sounds like Kenny Powers. Ryan, the 32-year-old virgin, threw a birthday party for Jamie, but it ended up getting him voted out. Nicole does an impression of Rachel, who went on a date with Michael Stagliano. Rob thinks Michael is a voice double for Rob Lowe. Rob and Nicole think Donna is the Danielle DiLorenzo of the house. They also talk about drunk Ed hooking up with Sarah and his feud with Reid.

At the 40-minute mark, Rob and Nicole talk about the latest Big Brother 14 action from the live feeds. (SPOILERS BELOW)

They discuss why Shane switched things up with the POV, taking Ashley off the block and naming Frank as a replacement nominee. Brtiney’s correspondent Bill says that Janelle was behind Shane’s actions, as she is convinced the coaches are coming back into the game. Then Brian, Boogie’s correspondent, talks about what Boogie is doing to save Frank. He also talks about how Shane made a derogatory comment about Ian. He says there’s an 85% chance Frank will go home. Closing out the live feed commentary, Dan’s correspondent Matt talks about the pressure on swing vote Danielle and discusses the one-sided showmance between Crazy Danielle and Shane.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the live web show after Big Brother, with guest Matt Hoffman!

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