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Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Season 2 Week 6 RHAP-up Podcast: The Finale’s Big Proposal and Shocking Break-up

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Amy and Haley are break down the dramatic Bachelor in Paradise finale and After Paradise revelations in this week’s RHAP-up podcast.
In this podcast they discuss:
  • Juelia and Mikey breaking up
  • Ashley I. and Jared’s overnight date
  • Jared and Ashley I. breaking up
  • Jaclyn’s inability to secure a date with Jared or Justin
  • Nick taking Jaclyn’s date card to go out with Samantha
  • the arrival of Cassandra to the Paradise resort
  • the new format of the finale
  • Tenley ending things with Joshua
  • the final couples of Nick and Sam, and Justin and Cassandra
  • Kirk and Carly’s dramatic break-up
  • Tanner and Jade’s (#Janner’s) proposal
  • the surprise couple announcement on After Paradise: Cassandra and Jonathan
  • Kirk and Carly’s chat on After Paradise
  • Predictions for which couples will make it in the real world
  • listener questions and more!
Thanks for listening throughout the season– stay tuned for special coverage and join Amy and Haley for The Bachelor RHAP-ups next season!
Haley (@hstrong_)
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