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Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Week 3 RHAP-up Podcast: The Joe, Samantha, Juelia Triangle

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Amy and Haley share their thoughts on week 3 of Bachelor in Paradise.

In this podcast they discuss:
  • the status of the happy and/or invisible couples: Kirk and Carly, Josh and Tenley, Tanner and Jade
  • Clare choosing JJ after having a meltdown in front of Chris Harrison
  • the elimination of Mikey, Jonathan and Michael
  • Samantha’s arrival and her selecting Joe right away for a date
  • Samantha and Joe’s connection on their photo shoot date and in the pool
  • the guys getting upset with Joe for how he treated Juelia
  • Juelia and Jade trying to warn Samantha
  • Samantha seeming to lie in her interview about how long she knew Joe
  • Kirk feeling unsure about Carly but coming around during their one-on-one date
  • Kirk and Carly getting a hotel room to take their relationship “to the next level”
  • Carly missing her brother’s wedding
  • Dan no longer being into Ashley S
  • Megan’s arrival to paradise
  • Megan picking JJ for a date
  • Amber’s arrival to paradise
  • Amber picking Dan for a date
  • Dan and Jared’s behavior compared to Joe’s
  • Clare talking to a raccoon in Sacramento
  • predictions for which women will leave next week
  • answering listener questions and much more!
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