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Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Episodes 3 and 4 RHAP-up Podcast: Joe the Villain

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Amy and Haley share their thoughts on the new arrivals of Joshua, Joe and Michael G. on week 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

In this podcast they discuss:
  • Lauren calling herself a “mistress” and quitting the show after Joshua isn’t interested
  • The newcomers this week: Joshua, Joe and Michael G.
  • Tenley’s love triangle or square: with Joshua, JJ and Michael G.
  • Jared asking Clare on a date and Ashely I and Mikey’s immature reactions to it
  • Joe’s awkward arrival
  • Joe using Juelia to get a rose
  • Tenley’s dates with Joshua and Michael G.
  • JJ hating on Joshua
  • Joshua’s use of the drug molly
  • Joe manipulating Jonathan and Mikey T.
  • Clare’s meltdown because she wasn’t finding love
  • the status of the boring happy couples
  • the return of “Purple Samantha”
  • Yet another cliffhanger ending
And so much more!
Haley (@hstrong_)
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