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Bachelor 20 Draft Preview with Kelley Wentworth and Randy Bailey

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It’s the self-proclaimed Bachelor experts vs. two Survivor heavyweights! Kelley Wentworth (Survivor San Juan Del Sur, Survivor Second Chance) and Randy Bailey (Survivor Gabon, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains) team up against Amy and Haley to select a draft of contestants vying for the heart of Ben Higgins in Season 20 of The Bachelor.
Judging solely by the bios on and perhaps their deep knowledge of Ben Higgins, they take turns selecting contestants to earn them points throughout the season based on factors such as roses, limo entrances, video packages, make outs, individual dates, and more.
In this podcast, they share
  • excitement about having the Bachelor back on TV
  • the final results of last year’s draft between Amy, Haley, and Kelley Wentworth (Check out her winning Bachelorette preview draft podcast  weeks before heading to Cambodia for Survivor Second Chance, as well as Kelley’s first visit to the Bachelor RHAP-up to talk farm guy Chris Soules.)
  • some of the interesting and concerning answers in the ladies’ bios
  • thoughts on the return of contestants Becca Tilley and Amber James from Chris Soules’ season
  • appreciation for Ben Higgins
  • and more!
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Kelley (@kelleywentworth)
Randy (@randybailey1720)
Amy (@RHAPrecapper)
Haley (@hstrong_)
And check out Randy’s earlier appearances discussing Andi’s season, Chris’s season, Kaitlyn’s season and Bachelor in Paradise.
Cheers to a Happy 2016 following along with all the drama and romance on The Bachelor!


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