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Bachelor 20 Episodes 7 & 8 | Hometown Dates Galore

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Amy and Haley do a 2-on-1: two episodes on one podcast, covering Episode 7 (Ben’s hometown or Warsaw, Indiana) and Episode 8 (final 4 women’s hometowns).
In this podcast, they talk about:
Episode 7
  • Ben giving a recap to his parents about the remaining women
  • Lauren’s date visiting Ben’s school and community center
  • Jojo’s baseball date at Wrigley field
  • Group date with Amanda, Becca, and Caila
  • Amanda’s date at McDonald’s
  • Emily’s date meeting Ben’s parents
  • the elimination of Emily after the date and Becca at the rose ceremony
Episode 8
  • Ben visiting Amanda’s hometown (orange county, CA) and meeting her kids
  • Lauren’s hometown date in Portland, including whiskey library and food trucks
  • Ben’s date with Caila in Ohio, including a trip to a toy factory
  • Jojo’s hometown date, featuring her mom drinking straight from the wine bottle
  • the reactions and questions from different family members
  • Jojo’s letter from her ex
  • and more!
They provide a quick update of Draft Scores and answer all the listener questions, and share some iTunes reviews. Follow Scorekeeper George on Twitter (@GeorgeCTV) for full draft point details.
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