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Parasocializing 107 – Baby Bro: the Big Brother Sideshow Ep. 2 – 08/08/13


ABCs of BB – The game of Big Brother is spelled out for ya with an onslaught of features, figures and facets of the game in alphabetical order.

Sizing up the Competition – Who are the real threats left in the house? This model breaks it down from biggest threats like Candice to the non-existent threats like Judd.

Talking Head of the Week – A dual talking head featuring Judd’s parents take the cake. His father discusses having anticipated his sons inevitable arrest, while his mom points to Judd’s surprising side.

Candiland – Parasocialdude’s sidekick, Parapip, emcees an engrossing game of Candiland. Candice takes on all the saccharine housemates that get in her way: Sweet Beard Spencer, Andy Cane, GingerSnatch Gina, Lollipop Elissa, Heavy Crème Helen, Malted Amanda and King McCrandy.

Cringe Clip of the Week – This week’s Cringe Clip goes to the over-excitement of GinaMarie upon winning HOH. What a freak!

Fall TV Preview – Some of the houseguests have already scored their own shows on CBS for this fall: Eh, Yo! With Gina M(Talk show), Nobody Loves Me starring Jessie(Soap), Sociopathic Tendencies starring Amanda(Crime Drama), the 11th Wheel starring Andy(Sitcom w/laugh track), and Inappropriate Giggling with Judd(Sketch show).

Top Crocodile Tear Jerker – Voyeur, voyeur in my face, Who is the fakest of the fake? This weeks’ Top Croc of the week goes to Amanda and her simpering about Judd’s loyalty.

Coming Attractions: BB Westerns – Newly green-lit sequels and remakes of classic Westerns to now star some of the Big Brother houseguests.

ABCs of BB

A is for Allison Grodner

B is for Backdoor

C is for Chenbot

D is for Diary Room

E is for Eviction

F is for Fruit Loops

G is for Gaming

H is for HOH

I is for Ian

J is for Judas

K is for Kassting

L is for Lies

M is for Meehan

N is for Nominations

O is for Otev

P is for Poppy Montgomery

Q is for Queen Britney

R is for Rachel Reilly

S is for Showmance

T is for Talla

U is for Under the Bus

V is for Veto

W is for Will

X is for Expect the Unexpected

Y is for You

Z is for Zingbot

Sizing Up the Competition: Candice – Spencer-Amanda – Elissa-Helen-Andy-Jessie-McCrae-GinaMarie-Aaryn- Judd

Candiland: Candy plays Candyland all alone. She confronts sweet beard Spencer. Then she takes the secret path to avoid Andy Cane. Next she saves face against GinaMarie. Then she gives Elissa a high five. Next she slaps some guilt on Helen. Then Malted Amanda’s annoyed. And she fails to bribe big king candy.

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