Big Brother 21

Big Brother 21 Thursday Night Sept 12 Eviction Recap | LIVE FROM NYC

LIVE from NYC, Rob Cesternino, America's Player Eric Stein and BB20’s Kaitlyn Herman are joined by Taran Armstrong, Brent Wolgamott, Liana Boraas, BB21's Kemi Fakunle, Survivor's Hannah Shapiro, Purple Pants Podcast host Brice Izyah, and Survivor Ghost Island winner Wendell Holland to recap the Thursday, Sept 12th, episode of CBS’ Big Brother 21!
Survivor SA: Island of Secrets, Reality TV RHAPups

Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets | Episode 14 RHAPup | Liana Boraas

Survivor South Africa RHAPup co-hosts Mike Bloom and Shannon Gaitz have a group therapy session with Liana Boraas as they vent their frustrations at the behaviour of the recent episode, bemoan the lesser moves but also marvel at some of the brilliance. Plus, the history of Bio-Strath and a new Steers dish, which is bound to cheer you up!