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Big Brother 15, Big Brother

Big Brother 15: Parasocializing_104_Mimeticism

So, as I read Big Brother 15 with a sense of its grander, literary worth, I knew I would eventually decipher whether or not the doings in the house reflect the times in which they are aired: Does Big Bro represent the now? It is all too common to hear competition reality programming referred to as a mini representation of how society functions, of how the fittest do survive; and with its present relevance in mind, I have tackled today’s headlines of The Daily Beast news website, considering if Big Brother truly is a microcosm of what is occurring in the world.
Big Brother 15, Big Brother

Parasocializing the Structure of Big Brother 15

I have never been much of a math oriented guy, but I will say that quantifying the screen time of the recent nomination episode has aided in my qualifying it. When considering the intentions of Big Brother Editors and Producers last week, I looked at a simple count of the talking heads and the intimate scenes each houseguest was in during the episode.