Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor: I’ve Got a Secret

Logan Saunders recaps the twelfth and thirteenth episodes of Week 6 of Australian Survivor which eliminate two more players.

Australian Survivor: I’ve Got a Secret

EPISODE 12 + 13

Previously on Australian Survivor: The game-shifting sands saw both tribes form and reform alliances. At Samatau, AK has risen from the bottom to take control of an alliance so strong not even the game’s toughest player cannot break it.

AK’s alliance voted out Tara and Anneliese, but they formed strong bonds on Asaga.

In a huge twist, the immunity challenge sent the winning team to Tribal Council. And instead of voting someone out, they faced a test of trust. AK’s alliance chose Ziggy for the job. The Olympian winning gold finding the most powerful idol the game has ever seen! One-half protects the owner from votes, and the other half cancels another player’s idol.

Fifteen are left; who will be voted out tonight?


Ziggy re-explains something Jonathan just explained to us as if this is a season of Big Brother. Idol idol idol idol confessional. Ziggy is looking forward to the second half of the game.

Intro time.samatau


        Ziggy            Locky            Jarrad            Tessa


        Michelle        Ben               Henry

My hair is even better than Henry’s hair. Or Ben’s hair. Or Odette’s hair.



     Sarah              Luke               Peter                AK


       Odette            Jericho          Tara           Anneliese




Ziggy returns to the tribe. She tells us that she has been contemplating what to tell her alliance. Her plan is to lie but not get called out.

Everyone gathers around Ziggy. She brings fruit, bananas, and other sh** for her tribe.

ZIGGY: I have the power to give someone an advantage. So this is where you guys have to trust me. I’m not allowed to tell you exactly what it is, because if I say it is it’s void… I can’t use it myself, but I can give it to whoever I want at any stage… It expires at five… It can be used against me or used for me, or for anyone or against anyone. I can choose not to give it to anyone.

That is actually a believable lie. Ziggy thinks people bought it.

For the first time in nine episodes, Jarrad has a confessional saying he buys it and hopes he receives it.

TESSA: I can’t wait to find out what it is.

LOCKY: If you find out what it is… if you’re still here.


Locky really killed the mood.

ZIGGY: Whoever I give it to can’t say what it is either. Only me and the other person will know.

Now that’s where it gets fishy. Even Jericho could talk about his cookies.

AK doesn’t believe Ziggy. He wants to give her a back massage and thinks Ziggy is playing much harder than what people give her credit for.



TARA: Day 27. Halfway.

Nope. Noon as of day twenty-eight would be halfway. Fail.

It’s a Tara scene. She is proud of herself for being a stay-at-home mom and not swimming or running. Sarah says Tara has a fire in her as of this morning.

Tara recaps to the rest of the tribe how she was voted out of Summer Towel, and how Summer Towel were all strategists. Isn’t that what she said the past episode?

TARA: I am especially bitter towards AK.

LUKE: AK is playing the game hard, but I’ve had control since day one. They just don’t know it.

Luke couldn’t give less of a crap about Tara’s bitterness.

Luke brags about playing a cheeky game and being the king of the jungle.



Jonathan congratulates everybody on making it halfway through the game (even though this is not the halfway point of the game).

JLP: Survived the crazy weather, the rain, the heat, me at Tribal Council and everything else this game has thrown at you which is the perfect time for me to throw another curveball… Everybody drop your buffs.

Three tribes of five, por favor.

Tessa has the biggest reaction of all. Buffs are on the grass.

Only two tribes. It’s all random. Sigh. This is happening just because Asaga was doomed to lose until merge. No big moments are gonna happen here.

LUKE: Who is going to be lucky enough to get me on their tribe?

Jericho, hopefully.



JLP says Michelle is the new kid on the block. Maybe her daycare had a bunch of hits, but Chinese food makes them sick.

JLP notes Peter and AK are the only people from old Samatau on new Asaga.

AK: It’s no secret I have had my name voted at every Tribal Council and been on the wrong side of each number.

No one is gonna buy it.

AK says he and Tara can be the unlikely duo. Tara knows she left AK on bad terms and is happy to be back with Petey. We get a lingering shot of an unhappy AK. Odd to see them discuss the relationship so openly.

In this reward challenge, we get a series of one-on-one matchups. Each person will hold an idol on a pole. You must knock the other person’s idol off their pole. First to do so scores a point.

First tribe to seven wins reward.

At camp, winning tribe will have “a taste of home”. Kangaroos, Crocodile Dundee’s shoes, Kylie Minogue’s new clothing line, a plush koala bear… Nah, just kidding. Salt n’ Vinegar chips, beef jerky, and everything Samatau gave up the previous day for flint.

That’s the biggest troll of a reward ever.

Because of the unusual switch, Samatau has an extra person. Tessa is sitting out.

And yes, this challenge is a duplicate of the pre-merge reward challenge from Survivor: Philippines.


They slowly approach the other in the circle. Sarah is using a sweater as a hat from the bench. Tara goes in for the offense, but her idol falls.

TARA: She grabbed my boob.

Olympians do whatever it takes to win. They are professional top pullers in the water.


JLP: This should be interesting.

Why? Because of the sumo match?

Sarah grabs Anneliese’s wrist, pulls her in, and Anneliese falls as the idol lands on the back of her feet. It makes Anneliese look so clumsy. Hilarious.

Sarah apologizes.

ANNELISE: There was no violence.

SARAH: That was no violence.

JLP: Seemed good to me.

Locky and AK want to fight it out.


JLP blatantly says he is looking forward to the matchup. Man, AK is showing too many cards with the dynamics of former and/or current tribemates.

There is as much circling as a Kimbo and Houston Alexander UFC fight.

AK fakes, puts his back to Locky, Locky extends his arm but AK easily tips Locky’s idol.

LOCKY: S–t. Sorry guys.

No matter what Locky is one step ahead.

Samatau: 2 Asaga: 1


Henry uses his Anderson Silva-esque reach advantage. Lots of fakeouts. He puts his arm out to tip Odette’s idol.

ODETTE: Well, you had to put up a boy just to go against me.

Michelle looks really upset with Odette’s comment. She really wanted to vote her out.

Samatau: 2 Asaga: 2

AK: I like you, Odette.

Based off of one sentence.


Lots of circling. Luke rushes in to tip the idol as Jarrad bumps his chest.

Asaga: 3 Samatau: 2


Everyone tells the guys their idols are unsteady.

LUKE: Your shoelaces are untied, Ben.

Classic Luke.

Petey does a quick swipe. Ben is out.

Asaga: 4 Samatau: 2


Michelle has her hand outstretched. So does Jericho.

LUKE: You got no chance, Michelle.

As Jericho grabs Michelle’s hand and the momentum alone pushes Michelle’s idol off without touching it.

Asaga: 5 Samatau: 2

Sarah slaps Jericho’s arms in a playful manner.


Tara goes in for Ziggy’s boob but Ziggy’s long arm pushes off Tara’s idol.

Asaga: 5 Samatau: 3


Anneliese scratches her chin then clutches her belly. They are frozen. Anneliese angles her hip. Sarah swipes but fails. Anneliese reaches behind Sarah’s neck and that is enough to tip it.

Asaga: 5 Samatau: 4


AK: You know this is lose-lose, right?

LOCKY: He’s just trying to do whatever he can to get into my head.

AK charges then stops. Then circles Locky. It is going on for a while. Lots of running. AK goes underneath but Locky easily pushes it off.

Asaga: 5 Samatau: 5


Circling. More circling. Henry tightens it up. He is snarling like Professor Snape. So odd. He reaches in and taps it out.

Asaga: 5 Samatau: 6

TARA: Jesus!


LOCKY: Let’s go J-Rad!

That’s a terrible nickname.

Lots of circling and running. Jarrad leaps up but loses his idol in the process.

Asaga: 6 Samatau: 6

Ben starts doing Rocky moves before entering the ring. Anneliese looks miserable.


Ben does the Andre De Grasse chicken wing as he approaches. Ben reaches in but leaves himself really vulnerable as Petey has a prime angle to knock it away.

Ben slams the posts and rejoins his tribe on the bench. Asaga wins reward!

BEN: I’m just annoyed. Let me have my moment.

From hero back to zero.

AK waves and smiles at Locky as he claims the reward.

Locky is happy to see AK on the other tribe and hopes Tara will roast AK over the fire like a pig and can get him out.



AK knows he is a huge target because of Tara. His mission is to prove to his new tribe that his reputation as a game play is utter BS.

Yeah. AK might be dead if they go to TC.

For some reason, the rewards are individualized. Locky gets a Snickers. AK receives Maltesers or whatever they’re called. AK doesn’t want to share them because he doesn’t care about bullets or chips.

AK praises their new beach and how it was so much better than Samatau.

LUKE: AK has come to AK on full charm.

Luke sees through AK like Samatau sees through Henry.

LUKE: He’s sitting at the king’s feet.

Man. Luke loves his current position.

Tara knows AK is the same ol’ AK because he starts talking about his girlfriend then get emotional. Sure enough, AK keeps up the day one routine. Tara pretends to be emotional in response.

TARA: Everything about AK annoys me.

Chill, Sparkly.

Tara’s hands on her face as she forces tears while AK talks about his girlfriend’s weekly love notes is hilariously cringeworthy to see play out.



Michelle is the only true newcomer to camp. Locky feels he is on top of the world as AK is gone from the tribe. It’s funny because Locky is probably still in a terrible position.

This is Anneliese’s nightmare as she is with everyone who voted her out (except AK, Ben, and Michelle which means the tribe is split in half, but whatever).

Anneliese reminds us she is in possession of an idol.

HENRY: Yeah, night time sucks ’cause of mozzles.


Michelle is also devastated that she isn’t on top and feels on the absolute bottom.

MICHELLE: At least I have the social bit down pat… The more chatty I am, the better.

Kent, Jacqui, and Henry may disagree.

Michelle claims to know Jarrad’s photography business. Man, even I forgot about that regarding Jarrad.

Michelle used to work with Ziggy’s boyfriend Jono.

MICHELLE: If you’re in with someone, you’re in with someone.

Locky is annoyed.

LOCKY: Michelle has to be the biggest gossip in the world… It was kind of annoying.

Locky has a “please bring back AK” look on his face.

Locky asks Henry if he is willing to vote Michelle first.

HENRY: Yeah. I’m easy.

The single ladies will be happy to hear that.

LOCKY: Silence is golden sometimes.

This is coming from Locky, remember. You know, ex-Samatau leader.



AK compares the camp to Pride Rock from Lion King because everyone is well fed, rested, and well-hydrated. Then why did they suck so much at challenges in the past two rounds?

AK also states his social game is the strongest part of his game. He is upset Tara was saved, and wants her out at his first trip to Tribal Council.



Jericho cooks up a meal and surprisingly the food is not poisoned.

AK asks Petey if he wants to have a chat.

AK: I’m scheming, and I’m scheming hard.

Well, that’s a way to confirm everyone’s suspicions based on what they’ve heard about you.

Petey admits he trusts AK because it is mutually beneficial. AK pitches his idea to eliminate Tara and wants to bring in Sarah since he wants to get to know her as a player and also Odette because he views her as a floater.

AK: I think Luke is the leader of the tribe.

AK has a really good read on the whole tribe after just twenty-four hours.

Petey thinks people will not see AK’s manipulations.

AK casually chats up Odette. Odette starts crying about her son a little bit and tells us she loves AK despite him complimenting her body and eyes.

AK quickly chats to Sarah in the shelter. He genuinely comes clean about his journey since day one. Sarah tells AK she is excited about his gameplay. This excites AK.

Man, Sarah is really good at telling people what they want to hear. Tara is annoyed as she comes over and hears them talk about Sarah’s child.

Tara approaches Luke and Jericho to point out what AK has done since joining their tribe. Luke and Jericho laugh and joke about this rivalry.

LUKE: Let’s get some fireworks going. Some drama. More drama. I love drama so I’m going to create it.

Oh boy.

Luke tells AK that the women want him out. He proceeds to tell him he wants to protect him and Petey.

LUKE: We could just do some hell-crazy moves, boy. Me and Jerry are good. Then the guys are in control.

AK, as he should be, is skeptical to believe this.

LUKE: He didn’t realize there was a bigger shark and he’s right here. AK is gonna be voted out next. AK is gonna be a trophy. I’m going to stuff him and put him above the fireplace on my wall. Wooooo-weeeeee.

Dare I say Luke is a bit turned on by taking out big targets on Survivor? Just a tad.



JLP quizzes AK about the swap. AK says for him, Petey, and Michelle it is all about demonstrating you are not the reputation that precedes you.

Luke tells JLP he is happy to have AK despite conniving rumours about him.

For today’s challenge, one man and one woman will each hold up a barrel while members of the opposing tribe will throw water in the barrel from a bucket. As the barrel fills, it gets heavier. First duo to drop loses immunity and goes to Tribal Council.

Samatau speculates Odette and Luke will go for Asaga. Asaga speculates Locky and Ziggy will go for Samatau.

AK whispers that he and Tara would gas out faster if they were forced to run back and forth to grab water.



JLP: Good choices.

He really loves it anytime Tara and AK are paired together.

Asaga is tossing all of their water into Locky’s barrel. Samatau is spreading it between the two.

Locky congratulates Petey on his barrel tossing. Ben splashes AK than anything. Luke taunts Locky.

Petey lands nearly nothing. His arms are burned out. Ben is doing better with his water blasts. AK is constantly adjusting his position. Jericho winks before dumping water. AK’s face is straining. So is Tara’s. Ziggy doesn’t have a drop.

Ben simultaneously lands water in the bucket and splash AK. AK is repeatedly readjusting. Lots of grunting. He dumps. AK is ready to pass out.

You think the barrel rodeo woman will be the best at this challenge. Locky is screaming like he is a terrorist from 24 being interrogated by Jack Bauer. Hilarious. Tara winces. Bucket runners are getting exhausted.

Tara is done. Locky effectively pulls a Craigos from last season and has enough muscle to outlast the other tribe.

The tribes hug it out with one another due to the big effort. Jarrad picks up the idol. I still can’t believe he got a confessional this episode.

AK: I will continue swinging until my torch is snuffed.

His arms are going to be sore tomorrow at Ponderosa.



TARA: If we were to get AK out that would be the Move of the Game.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Tara. We’re barely halfway through this thing.

AK says the feces would be annoyed out of him if Tara lasts longer in this game than him. We note AK’s shorts are ripped to shreds.

AK attempts to confirm Luke’s alliance to eliminate Tara. Man, Luke is so phony here.

Luke puts on Vanilla Ice’s clothes to talk to Sarah and instruct her to eliminate AK. He is confident AK will not play an idol.

Yep, Rob Van Winkle is about to eliminate AK.

Tara talks to Jericho to ensure AK is going to be out of the game. Jericho laughs at the idea of AK believing he is safe.

JERICHO: We are more dangerous than anything he faced at Samatau, and he is not aware of it.

Yeah, he hasn’t even seen you on a sugar high, Jericho.

Tara summarizes how many different tactics she has used to eliminate AK in the past.

TARA: He can’t be suspicious at all.

AK sees Tara always at the fire with Luke. He sees through what is going on. Into the jungle AK goes with Petey. He is confident they are all voting against him.

AK realizes Sarah is the key. A key that won’t budge, but it can’t hurt to try.

AK: I want to play with rational people who don’t play on emotion.. I like you are a scrapper and how much you fly.

No emotion in Survivor? Wrong game, buddy.

Sarah contemplates for the tenth time this game. She tells AK that the winner will come from an alliance of bottom people from both tribes combining at the merge. Sarah finds Luke’s gameplay to be erratic.

Sarah reveals she wants Luke gone to AK, but Tara must go first.

SARAH: You need me, and I need you.

It’s not AK that has options–it’s Sarah that always creates the options for herself.

Now AK goes on a mission for that fourth elusive vote. Enter Odette. I love how Odette has been invisible almost all season and isn’t even seen until her vote will impact the outcome of this Tribal Council.

AK says his most trusted person at Samatau was Jarrad, and here at Asaga he wants Odette to be his Jarrad. Odette is flattered. Her eyes light up.

ODETTE: I have just been going with majority all game.

That’s not how I remember it in recent memory.

ODETTE: I think I am in one of the best positions in the game at the moment.

That’s true. Everybody is counting on her and Sarah’s votes. It will be like that until the merge. Without a vengeful Michelle, Odette is not on anybody’s radar.

AK: Survivor is the greatest game on Earth because the mouse can eat the cat.

That would be a really messed up episode of Tom & Jerry.






JLP: We’re halfway into the game and I decide to switch things up.

Jonathan is a producer?

 Sarah presumed it was going to be a merge rather than a switch.

AK and Tara talk about their relationship more and more. AK and Petey talk about being the only two people other than Michelle to truly switch.

Peter describes AK and Tara’s relationship as “tumultuous”. That’s a big word.

Tara laughs at AK using the word “loyal” to describe himself. Everyone comments on the calm war of words. Luke wants to see a ring of fire around AK and Tara.

Luke is worried about merging in the minority. Tara defends that they have won two rewards.

JLP: Rewards are nice, but it doesn’t keep you out of Tribal Council.

Jonathan sure wants to protect his golden boy. Odette says she might be changing her vote.

The discussion is going nowhere as everyone is uneasy. Tara admits she was confident before but now wants five minutes to talk to everyone. Not happening. Petey is covering his ears.

JLP: I want to find out what the hell is going on so it’s time to vote.

AK (writes down TARA): Second time.

Only vote that is revealed. Not a good sign.

Tara buries her face into her hands.

Does anybody have an idol or a chicken one? Or the mysterious Samatau idol? No? Wow.






Weird orchestra music plays.


Luke shakes AK’s hand and starts applauding him. Tara congratulates AK on his game. No hard feelings from anyone here. Tara is relieved. Everyone applauds him.

SARAH: You will always be remembered.

This isn’t Babe Ruth in The Sandlot. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.


Next Time on Australian Survivor: Having taken out the game’s strongest player, Asaga looks to its own while at Samatau idol chatter puts Ziggy in danger.

AK’s final words:

“I am gutted to be out of the game.”

Take a drink, everyone.

AK admits he wouldn’t have played it any other way. He cries in his final confessional about his girlfriend. That is the look of a defeated man in a game he loves.



Previously on Australian Survivor: There are three hidden immunity idols in play. Henry holds one, Anneliese has another, and Ziggy has the super idol which has two powers–it acts as an idol and can cancel another idol. A twist shook alliances up again as Anneliese and Michelle went to Samatau while AK and Petey went over to Asaga where AK was reunited with his nemesis, Tara. AK had blindsided Tara twice and was angling for a third, but he didn’t count on her joining forces with Luke who had plans of his own.

Come Tribal Council, the game’s biggest player got played after Tara voted against him for the twenty-seventh time this game. She will now have to learn the other twenty-four letters in the alphabet.

Fourteen are left; who will be voted out tonight?



Tara proclaims to everyone that Sarah and Jericho need an award for acting. Luke says it all went exactly as he planned, and is on a high.

LUKE: What’s next? You get rid of the witnesses. So Pete’s next.

PETEY: I am in so much shock right now.

AK was viewed as the leader of Samatau, and you were in his alliance. How can you be shocked they eliminated AK at this stage of the game?

Intro time.



        Ziggy            Locky            Jarrad            Tessa


        Michelle        Ben               Henry



     Sarah              Luke               Peter       


       Odette            Jericho          Tara           Anneliesesamatau


Great camera work as we see Henry, Locky, and Ziggy dive into the ocean together. Ziggy gets another underwater “learn about me” scene. Ziggy says she is good because Samatau is strong and has an idol. She is looking for other options. Ziggy goes on to say Ben is on the outer and Michelle is on the bottom.

Ziggy is worried that physical targets will be hunted at the merge. She discusses a Final Three with Henry and Locky to protect the physical threats.

ZIGGY: There was no hand shake but we did have an understanding.

Locky says their alliance would need an idol. Ziggy reveals she has an idol.

ZIGGY: I truly felt it was an honest conversation, but that was spur of the moment.

ZIGGY: If anybody is voting me out, please let me know.

LOCKY: Yeah.

ZIGGY: I could’ve just screwed up my game.

LOCKY: Oh, no.

Locky laughs about it in the confessional after Ziggy has been such a convincing liar over the past month. Locky and Henry’s jaws drop the moment they are alone in the shelter together. They contemplate blindsiding her not now but eventually. Their real alliance is with Anneliese. Henry knows he needs to eliminate Ziggy at some point.

We then get a super creepy shot where only one of Henry’s eyes peeks through the shelter.



Tara brags about blindsiding AK as the rainbow is in the background. She remembers that AK voted her out first, right?

Luke thinks this could be the Final Six. He tells us nobody has ever told him how to vote.

LUKE: It’s Luke’s way or the highway.

Or the “Vote Out Mark W way”.

Luke wants to keep his peasants from rioting. They catch a ton of food. Avoiding Tribal Council is still not on his priority list. He wants Petey out early.

LUKE: We’ll do coffee first then crabs after?

Sarah tells us she needs Petey around for her own game despite Luke’s wishes to eliminate him. She continues to label Luke’s game as erratic.

SARAH: I need to keep playing both sides.

Isn’t that erratic too?

SARAH: As I see it, Peter only trusts me now.

Man. Sarah really has been in control of this thing since the beginning. Luke is more of a prince rather than a king.



Anneliese doesn’t trust Henry. She firmly believes Henry has an idol. She tells Henry the rumour that Jericho was handed a fake clue and if he has an idol. If Henry lies, Anneliese will not align with him.

HENRY: Anneliese, do you want to meditate for five minutes?

ANNELIESE: I didn’t meditate. I just closed my eyes and breathed a bit.

Henry comes clean. He realizes he has to trust somebody. This is the best move he has made in weeks.

HENRY: Do you have one as well?


HENRY: That’s so good.

They decide to tell Locky together they each have an idol. Given that Ziggy has an idol too… My god. Samatau could have a very very messy Tribal Council if this group splinters this round.

HENRY: If I was a bookie, I would back me right now.

Remember that the majority of the people in this game still doesn’t trust you, man. You’re just starting to regain your footing.



We get another confessional from Michelle about how no one would believe she is doing this, and winning half a million Aussie dollars would be enough to build her dream home. She thinks she has enough seeds planted to manipulate everyone to vote out Ben because he is the only one they will vote out.

MICHELLE: Ben likes to show off. He likes to say he knows the gossip and he knows the secrets.

That sounds like the opposite of what we have seen from Ben thus far.

Michelle asks Ben about Ziggy’s pep talk about the secret reward. Ben reveals his suspicion of it being a Super Idol. This is a ploy to gain Michelle’s trust.

Ben tells Michelle he might want Locky out after he squirms on the bamboo.

MICHELLE: I don’t think you’ll get the numbers.

Michelle doubts Ziggy would vote out Locky. Ben then fills her in on everything that transpired with Locky in the previous swap.

MICHELLE: I didn’t think it was this easy. Thank you, Ben. You just saved me.



Locky is ecstatic to see AK voted out.

LOCKY: Holy sh-t.

BEN: Well that is the biggest sh-t eating grin I have ever seen, Tara.

JLP asks Locky if Asaga made the right choice. Of course Locky agrees. Asaga says camp is now more relaxed and has eaten a lot of food.

Luke plays around with Jericho prior to the start of the challenge.

For today’s challenge, each person will hold a sandbag above their head underneath a trough of water. You can pass a sandbag to another tribe member. If a sandbag falls, the trough tips and the entire tribe is soaked. Last tribe to stay dry wins immunity.

This could be a very very quick challenge. It’s essentially a group version of the “Don’t Move Your Arm Attached to the Bucket Above Your Head” Survivor classic.

Ben and Anneliese sit out.

Locky coaches everyone to switch between their hands frequently rather than holding with both arms. Keep the blood circulating.

I wish we knew how heavy the sandbags are. Michelle informs her tribemates her arms are already tired. She hands it off to Henry and is out.

Right on cue, JLP says each bag has five kilos.

LUKE: Henry’s got two which is great.

JLP: Even big boy Locky is starting to feel it.

LOCKY: My biceps weigh as much as Jarrad.

OK, Gaston.

Jarrad insists he is okay and does not need to pass it off. Sarah is holding the sandbag by a rope.

Henry passes one of the sandbags to Locky. Jarrad is wincing.

ANNELIESE: Jarrad, just be open and honest.

At the ten minute mark, Jarrad’s bag is passed to Henry.

LOCKY: I’m starting to struggle guys.

LUKE: Locky has his eyes closed, he is trying to find his groove.

Luke is now doing commentary. I don’t think Luke is even paying attention to his sandbag anymore.

Locky passes a bag to Ziggy. Henry passes a bag to Locky. Tara cheers on Locky.

SARAH: Tara, shut up.

It would be hilarious if AK and Tara are voted off back to back.

Locky passes a sandbag to Ziggy.

JLP: Ziggy is a powerhouse!

TESSA: Tessa is hanging in there! C’mon!

JLP: Tessa is doing great.

Tara is feeling shaky and slightly lowers her sandbag.

Henry passes a third bag to Locky. I didn’t know that was possible. Henry shakes his arm out and takes back a second bag. Locky is panicking.

Henry grunts repeatedly handing a bag back to Henry. Ziggy continues to be a statue.

LOCKY: Never give up. Never surrender.

Never admit defeat.

Ziggy and Henry both hand a sandbag to Locky. It has been twenty minutes.

JLP thinks Asaga’s full belly is helping.

Henry tries to take  a bag.


Trough tips. Challenge is over after nearly thirty minutes.

Asaga takes the idol and walks away.

Michelle is nervous because she has no tricks up her sleeve.

MICHELLE: I feel like I am hanging onto the edge of a cliff with my nails.

And those nails have not had a manicure in thirty days.



We hear heavy breathing as they return to camp. They talk about Asaga having plenty in the tank. More Michelle confessionals. You can probably fill in what she is saying.

Henry says it is between Michelle and Ben. He labels Ben as a goat.

HENRY: He has done nothing other than chew grass.

Ummmm, he voluntarily jumped to another tribe just like you did.

Locky supports voting out Michelle and is certain Ben will stay Samatau strong.

Jarrad talks Ziggy.

JARRAD: I want him to stay because I have him under control.

Jarrad has this same conversation with Ziggy.

JARRAD: He doesn’t have it in him to start anything.

Jarrad and Ziggy tell Ben to stay cool and don’t do anything crazy.

Jarrad is annoyed Ben is vague and wishy-washy in this game.

BEN: I don’t see the logic in voting me out over Michelle… It’s in my best interest to let Michelle shoot herself in the foot.

But that would ruin her nice feet. :/

Michelle prepares to target Ben. Her first conversation is with Locky and Anneliese. She thinks everyone loves Locky and he must hold the power.

Man, she is out of the loop on previous Samatau dynamics up until yesterday.

Michelle reveals Ben’s target of Locky. Jarrad is uneasy in the shelter as he and Henry are in there now.

MICHELLE: It’s 7-6. You need one person to go over to the other side to lose your numbers, and I promise I won’t be that person.

No one is going to believe that, right?

Everyone except Jarrad buys into Michelle’s story. Jarrad insists Ben can’t blindside Locky even if he wants to, and Henry agrees. Jarrad is annoyed by Locky’s paranoia and wanting to eliminate anybody who intends to target him.

Anneliese tells Locky to change it while Ben is sitting beside them.

BEN: How’s the rice, guys?

They are talking about Ben in front of him. Ouch.

Locky talks to Henry.

LOCKY: I want him gone, man. I want him gone bad.

Jarrad is simultaneously scared and impressed by Michelle’s scrambling.

BEN: I don’t need to be seen as the most trustworthy guy in the world; I just need to be seen as more trustworthy than Michelle.

For a person who has been on your tribe for two days, it shouldn’t be that hard.

MICHELLE: I am going to make sure this is a Tribal Council Ben is going to remember.

Leave the poor kid alone, Michelle. ;(






JLP says it has been a while since he has seen Samatau at a Tribal Council (a real one, that is given that Samatau has voted for three people since Aimee’s exit).

Ben thought he settled in really well. JLP asks Ben why he is talking in past tense. Ben knows it is him and Michelle on the outs.

Locky says he knows Henry’s intentions and Ben is very different.

BEN: He’s very right; I am very different.

Ben admits his stambling and rambling is detrimental, and today is the first time he can prove his loyalty.

Locky whispers to Anneliese to talk to Henry.

LOCKY: We’re still trying to figure out what’s best moving forward.

JLP: You guys haven’t made your mind up yet?

MICHELLE: This is great news for me. This is great news. I am going to lay it on the ground why I should stay.

Michelle says Ben changed his vote at Asaga. She accuses Ben of changing his mind regarding his vote against Mark rather than Samantha. She says Ben tells people what they want to hear.

BEN: You tell the person you’re not voting with what they want to hear.

MICHELLE: Exactly.

Michelle then reveals that Ben was the only one to talk to her about the ultimate reward. Nobody else told her anything.

MICHELLE: Doesn’t sound like someone who is loyal to secrets on Samatau.

Locky repeats to Anneliese to talk to Henry.

Now they talk about Ben wanting Locky out; he said AK was going after Locky, and even after AK left that he thought the plan to eliminate Locky was still in place. Now he acknowledges the dynamic has changed.

Michelle outright says Asaga wants Ziggy and Locky out, and that Ben the Superfan would love to move against Locky.

Locky and Henry try to change the other’s mind.

HENRY: Same.

MICHELLE: Why would I want to work with Asaga again? They’ve got three, and we’ve got a six. If they have a bond that won’t break, Asaga means nothing to me now.

Jarrad and Henry whisper. Henry says the vote is simple, and Jarrad says it should be all about trust moving forward.

It’s time to vote.

Ben votes Michelle and vice versa. Tessa votes Michelle too.

Ben grabs his bag and raises his eyebrow.

BEN: Joking, guys. I wish I had one, to be honest.

Well played.



THIRD VOTE: Michelle






Ben sighs and tells Michelle that he underestimated Michelle.

BEN: Not that good at Survivor, though.

Just on the thirtieth day.

BEN: It’s surreal. Jonathan LaPaglia is snuffing torch… I’ll say hi to AK on behalf of everyone. Damn damn damn.

Where was all of this chatter from Ben?

Next Time on Australian Survivor: Michelle won the first round, but she has just begun to fight. Her next target is a big one.

Ben admits he was outfoxed and talks about his lack of life experience and not dealing well with confrontation.

We see Jarrad voting as he talks about Ben doing the opposite of his “stay cool and stay Samatau strong” strategy.


I leave for Vancouver in a few hours, and given the hectic nature of TARC finale week, prepare to be disappointed by my lack of episode 12 and 13 insight!


I hated the format to this swap. Australian Survivor always does swaps well, but this one was lame and reminds me of what we see in the American version all too many times, the powerful players automatically thrown to the bottom without a say in how this goes down.

With that being said, Michelle adjusted better to the swap than AK. Michelle is an extremely underrated player in this game–there will probably still be people who view this more as Ben failing rather than Michelle succeeding. I would like to point out that Ben failed because of what Michelle was doing.

Yes, it is uncomfortable to see Ben’s innocent nature be exploited by Michelle to push him out, but Michelle did so in an expert fashion.

Amazingly enough, three people holding an idol on an eight-person tribe did not impact this round’s vote. It is even scarier when all of them are in the same alliance.


I wish Tara was willing to give credit to luck being the biggest factor in outlasting AK in this game. I swear every confessional from her the past two episodes have been about AK. Can we all just move on?


And we aren’t shown any challenge scenes in the preview. Does that mean a merge is coming? And surely Asaga will be coming for Henry, right?

I can’t really figure out how the alliances will shake up next round, but something tells me Samatau is going to regret keeping Michelle very very very soon.


The challenges in these two episodes were a slight disappointment. Overall, I think these were the two weakest episodes of the season except for the Tribal Council. It truly served as a bridge to what we will be seeing for the remainder of the game as all relationships are fairly fleshed out now.


And can anyone keep a secret on Samatau? Fat Joe and J. Holiday are probably laughing at them from their couch…if they were watching Australian Survivor.

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