Apostolypse Now: Tyson Talks Survivor Nicaragua

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Jimmy T. may not have had enough playing time in Survivor Nicaragua, but he certainly got plenty of air time.  Rob Cesternino and Nicole will talk about all the latest happenings with two-time Survivor Tyson Apostol.  On this episode we will talk about:

– What was so great about Jimmy T?  Why will everybody miss seeing Jimmy T on the show and why did he keep the name Jimmy T even after Jimmy Johnson was gone?

– What does Tyson think about NaOnka?

– Who is really running the show on the older tribe, Marty or Jill?

– What was Tyson’s thinking behind his infamous vote in Survivor Heroes vs. Villains?

– What did Tyson and Boston Rob Mariano do after they got voted out on Heroes vs. Villains?

It’s a Survivor podcast so awesome, it’s almost as awesome as Tyson… it’s Rob Has a Podcast!

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