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Friggin 5 LIVE: Ann Curry Gets Canned, CBS tweaks ABC and the Bus Monitor Gets Paid

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As recapped by master recapper, Amy  (Follow @RHAPRecapper on Twitter)

It’s Friday, Friday (gotta get down on Friday) and everybody’s looking forward to the first ever Live Friggin’ Five!

Rob starts out with some Big Brother-related announcements. There’s still a week left to vote in the Big Brother Top 14 poll. Over 2000 votes have been cast so far, which is 4 times more than the total votes in the top Survivor players poll last year. Also, to get your free gifts, sign up for the Big Brother Live Feeds through robhasawebsite.com and then email your confirmation to bigbrotherfreegift [at] gmail [dot] com along with your mailing address.

Rob and Nicole also settle the debate about how to pronounce #RHAP: The “H” is silent so it is pronounced “rap.”

Here’s the rundown for this week’s show:

Friggin 1) Dead Ann Walking – 7:49
Rob and Nicole talk about the drama with Today Show co-host Ann Curry. Rumors are that NBC is voting her off the show! While Matt Lauer recently renewed his contract, the ratings have gone down since Ann Curry came on board. Rob was a big Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira supporter, but he never really took to Ann Curry due to her glacier-like qualities. The two names being talked about as possible replacements are Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales, both of whom have sexy legs. Rob and Nicole also provide other suggestions as possible replacements for the co-host slot.

Friggin 2) CBS Press Release War – 17:15
While CBS filed an injunction against ABC for the Glass House, the judge in the case ruled that ABC did not have to shut down production. Glass House premiered to not-stellar numbers, but CBS put out a satirical press release the day after Glass House aired. Their press release announced the development of a “completely original” new show: “Dancing on the Stars” that would be broadcast live from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Rob takes issue with the name of the fake new show, since “Glass House” did not rip off the title of “Big Brother,” but overall Rob and Nicole think the press release is funny and rate it a “1.” They hope reality shows will start to feud more and take to Twitter like the reality stars do.

Friggin 3) Bullied Bus Monitor’s Windfall – 26:32
Rob and Nicole talk about Karen Klein, a bus monitor from Rochester, NY who was relentlessly bullied by students. The video was posted on YouTube and sparked massive outrage. Someone started a website where people could donate to pay for Karen to go on vacation and they’ve raised over 500,000 dollars so far. This leads Rob to think about how long it takes reality stars to earn that much money. What about all the people who have been harassed by Primetime Alex Stein? Rob and Nicole also discuss the kids’ comments and Karen’s bus monitoring methods. Rob wishes he could be harassed for 10 minutes if it will lead to that kind of payday– For example, Robb Z could show up during a webshow and Rob C would put a paypal link for donations up on the screen. Rob thinks Cochran should get in on this sweet deal as well- he could secretly videotape himself hanging out with Whitney, Keith, and Jim Rice and wait for the donations to pour in.

Friggin 4) Spank Dad – 48:27
Rob and Nicole talk about another YouTube video that shows an overprotective redneck dad spanking another adult male. Rob plays the audio of the spanking. The spanking was a punishment because the man was 27 and hooking up with Redneck Dad’s 16-year-old daughter. Rob is not sure what to make of this story. At one point the father says “Chelsea got the same thing.” Does that mean the dad spanked his daughter also? Rob and Nicole also discuss if there should be rape charges filed. It turns out the video was filmed 6 years ago, and the father is not alive anymore– it was posted after his death as a way to honor his memory. This man’s brand of justice gives Rob an idea for a new show: Spank Dad SVU.

Friggin 5) Your Questions and Comments – 58:53
Rob and Nicole take your questions and cover many topics, including the new Brandon Hantz web show “EnHantzed,” Bret Michaels’ new line of dog attire, the X-rated Magic Mike trailer, Arsenio’s new talk show, Lebron James and the NBA Finals, and The Choice.

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