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The Amazing Race Premiere Video Recap from Eric Curto

Hey RHAPers! My name is Eric Curto and I’ll be brining you exclusive recap videos of The Amazing Race all season long! This premier episode recap covers the new twist this season, breaks down the teams and fills you in on who’s in first and who’s out. There’s also some great info on which household objects you can use if ever you lose your ping pong paddle. Plus we’ll find out how many Chipendale dancers it takes to find an abacus… and if that wasn’t enough I’ll also be serving up some “froggie fallopian tubes” for dessert! So come jump on the “love bus” and get ready for my comedic take on this seasons Amazing Race.

Want to get involved with the recap? Then chat with me during the show over on twitter @RealityRecaps and your questions, comments or suggestions could make the next recap video!
I can’t wait to interact with you fellow RHAPers all season long. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. I’ll see ya on twitter, in the live show chats, or back here next week for the second leg of the race.

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