Doubling Up on The Amazing Race Premiere and a Preview of Survivor

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As Recapped by Tyler James Linder

It’s a busy and exciting morning here on Rob Has a Webshow with double the giant CBS reality franchises to cover. Rob and Nicole start things off by recapping the premiere episode of The Amazing Race and the big “double your money” twist for the season. Rob thinks the show has a history of the first place team going on to win the whole thing, including last year’s winners Dave and Rachel Brown.

Rob and Nicole then speak to The Amazing Race RHAP-Porter Jessica Liese ( @HaymakerHattie ) who begins by explaining her experiences attending the “TAR-Con” Amazing Race convention in Manhattan.

Rob and Nicole reveal that their favorite team is substitute teachers Gary Wojnar and Will Chiola. Rob finds the short/tall dynamic to be an amusing pair, and thinks they’ll be Fan Favorites. He’s also convinced that at some point in the season they’ll reap the benefits of a non-elimination leg. Rob then drills Nicole on what we can expect from Chippendales Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis. Nicole assures us that Chippendales shows don’t involve full on stripping. At any rate, things aren’t looking good for the dancers so far.

Rob then dives into the big controversy of the episode regarding teams asking for help along the race. Everyone agrees that Amy Purdy and Daniel Gale telling Abbie Ginsberg and Ryan Danz where the clue was turned out to be their fatal flaw, potentially costing themselves the difference between one and two million dollars.

The conversation then turns to twins Natalie and Nadiya Anderson. Jessica thinks twins have an advantage on the Race because of their ability to dig deep into each other the way other pairings aren’t comfortable doing. Jessica has pegged them as her winner pick and Rob thinks that’s very much a controversial decision.

The conversation jumps to one of Rob’s favorite segments, the ping-pong challenge. Rob loved the cheesy animated Gifs at the bottom of the screen, and found the entire set-up of the junior champion using random objects made for a great early challenge.

Some speculation is arose over which band Mark “Abba” Abbattista actually belongs to.

Rob thinks Rob French and Kelley Carrington-French not reading the clue correctly could be a bad sign going forward and believes it to be one of the most important factors in running the race. The conversation turns to the second challenge. Rob wonders just how many frogs were gutted in order to feed all the racers. Rob thought the producers allowing Rob to finish his entire first serving before telling him he was completing the task wrong was cruel and unusual punishment.

Everyone agrees that first boots Rob Scheer and Sheila Castle had the wrong attitude for the race and Rob’s dominant personality was sure to get them in trouble early.

Jessica reveals that under-the-radar goat farmers Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge are actually the stars of their own goat farming reality show and says they have a well-known chemistry that’s sure to be fun to watch down the road. Jessica also reveals that Ryan Danz is a former contestant on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.

The gears shift towards Survivor. It seems Russell Swan has not recovered from his early nose-dive. Russell might have made a fatal mistake not pushing harder to eliminate Angie Layton thus ensuring his place on the outs of a three person alliance.

Matsing correspondent Aaron Robertson comes in and hopes for a Saboga style tribe dissolve to salvage the sinking ship of the tribe he’s covering. Aaron feels like history is repeating itself for Russell. Him letting Roxy Morris go was similar to him letting go of Yasmine Giles in spite of her being one of his strongest allies early in Survivor: Samoa.

Aaron gets into the secret scenes he saw for Matsing. It seemed Roxy had more of a fixation with the tribe’s laundry rather than fitting into the tribe. It appeared she had a bad attitude from the get-go.

Aaron feels Denise Stapley is in the best position of the remaining Matsing members. He thinks Malcolm Freberg will definitely have a much larger target on his back, thus allowing Denise the potential to slip into the end-game.

Next up Tyler Sloan is brought on to talk about the Tandang tribe, and he comes bearing cookies! In a secret scene, Pete Yurkowski shows his ego regarding how much of a challenge asset he feels he is. His lack of airtime seems to paint a different story regarding his importance to the overall story. RC Saint-Amour tells a different story on her Facebook page and says she was responsible for the challenge win.

Everyone can agree that while Abi Maria Gomez seems to be a very observant player, she needs to keep those observations to herself. Outing RC and Mike Skupin’s relationship only went to put a target on his back. Tyler thinks Artis Silvester will be the key to keeping Skupin’s alliance intact.

After quickly going over the events of Jonathan Penner’s non-existent Kalabaw tribe (Jonathan Penner has an idol, Jeff Kent wants to target him. The end) Rob and Nicole then talk to actor Scott Porter, star of TV shows Friday Night Lights and The Good Wife. Scott as a former fictional athlete thinks Jeff Kent might be over-exaggerating his knee injury.

Scott reveals he’s wanted to play Survivor since the show was in its early days, and in true RHAP style a Twitter campaign is immediately launched to get him on the show. Like always, Rob rounds out the show by talking some Fantasy Football. Scott says he’s playing in eleven different leagues this season, so he’s got a wealth of opinions and predictions. Rob feels like the only salvation for his beloved Jets is to bring in a little Tebow.

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The Amazing Race kicked off with a new 2 million dollar twist The Brenchel-less Amazing Race cast.[/caption]
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