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Talking Tendons: Our Amazing Race Recap with Eric Curto

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On this week’s episode of the Amazing Race, most of the action centered around the ongoing struggle of David and Connor as they dealt with David’s torn achilles tendon. Amazing Race video blogger, Eric Curto (@RealityRecaps) joins Rob to discuss all of the drama.

Rob and Eric discussed how the episode ended with a “To be Continued” as to whether David and Connor would continue in the race. Both Rob and Eric believe that there is no way that they are going to continue on and when they say don’t want to go ahead, the show will be a non-elimination leg of the race next week.

On tonight’s show, John and Jessica also gave the express pass to David and Connor, which was earned during the first leg of the race. In a very savvy move, the John and Jessica waited until David and Connor were slowed down by David’s injury to hand them the thing that could help a healthy team beat them in the race. Rob and Eric also discussed the brewing rivalry between John and Jessica and the hockey players, Anthony and Bates.

It was a tough night for Max and Katie tonight. Though they continued to talk a big game about being villains on the show, they really haven’t done anything villainous to any of the other teams in the race. Rob and Eric eventually try to compare the villain inept-ness of Max and Katie to any other reality TV standouts.

The guys also try to figure out what the hell was a Shamozzle. It appeared to be a New Zealand past time that involved getting covered in Molasses, Feathers and manure, all the while carrying eggs and being chased by dogs.

In the end, Eric made his pick for the winner of the season and said that he is 100% behind the youtube team of Joey and Meghan to win the race.

Be sure to look for Eric’s video recap later this week and Jessica Liese’s Amazing Race blog on Monday.

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