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Recapping Week 2 of Amazing Race & Previewing Survivor

As recapped by Tyler James Linder…

It’s a reality cornucopia on this installment of Rob Has a Webshow. Rob Cesternino starts the show by giving details about the Podcast Awards and how you can nominate Rob Has a Podcast. Rob announces that this week’s Survivor guest is Fiji’s Yau-Man Chan and he’ll be recording the podcast Wednesday night, a little earlier than usual.

Rob gives an update on the ever allusive Jeff Probst podcast. He says that “yes, I’ll be on the show” is just the first step towards actually making it happen, and he’s still in contact with CBS and trying to get the interview before The Jeff Probst Show gets canceled.

Rob then dives into The Amazing Race by saying he feels the show is definitely missing something without Brenchal and has been merely okay. Rob talks about how making alliances and friendships in the race is usually a hindrance towards your game and not an advantage, and he cites Rob and Amber Mariano as one of the only teams to successfully implement a strategy on their run.

A question is asked about the potentially awkward relationship between Rob French and Kelly Carrington-French. Rob says if he were dead he wouldn’t mind Nicole getting support from someone else, as long as that someone didn’t have a hand in his demise like in the movie Ghost. Rob agrees that it’s a bit of a cloudy territory.

Rob goes into Rob and Kelly’s decision to take a different flight from the rest of the racers and says zigging when everyone else zags is never a good idea and a bit of a hail Mary move. Rob then brings in Amazing Race correspondent Jessica Liese. She says the fact that there’s nobody to hate so far which is a big problem, but at the same time she also finds the entire cast likable.

Rob and Jessica agree that the post-Brenchel Amazing Race is a much friendlier game and long for the days of the intense animosity between teams last season. Rob found himself baffled by the bull challenge. Rob and Jessica discuss the upcoming Double U-Turn and both agree that it should help boost up the drama factor this season.

Rob finds the Sri Lankan twins constant bickering with each other to be one of the most amusing elements of the season. Jessica again points out that twins are in tune with each other in a way not a lot of other Amazing Race pairings can be due to their natural ability to drill into each other harder than other teams would feel comfortable doing.

Rob speculates about the legal inner-workings of The Amazing Race production and finds it odd that the teams are able to yell and scream at each other in foreign countries and never get in trouble with the law. He also wonders what happens if you don’t have enough money for your cab fare. Jessica says there’s a specific set of rules for situations like this and that production’s most likely had to bail at least a couple teams out of sticky situations.

Rob and Jessica agree that the balloon animal challenge was one of the more difficult tasks they’ve seen on the race in a while. Rob thinks he’d be clueless and wouldn’t know the first thing about how to go about it. Jessica thinks the clue for the challenge was very misleading and there was nothing party-like about it.

Rob was surprised that Amy Purdy and Daniel Gale were eliminated so early and especially shocked that they weren’t saved by a non-elimination. Jessica thinks it’s just too early for a non-elimination round and it would have looked too obvious production was trying to save the potential fan-favorite amputee.

The focus then shifts towards previewing the next episode of Survivor. Rob brings in Aaron Roberston to talk about the seemingly doomed Matsing tribe. Aaron thinks Matsing has a shot if they can win a couple challenges and properly integrate themselves into the two larger teams come a tribe swap. He says it will be much better for Malcolm Freeberg and Denise Stapeley if they end up on opposite tribes as opposed to both going to one tribe.

Rob is very curious about how production is going to handle the impending team swap. Both agree that we’ll most likely see an All Stars style tribe dissolve but think a complete shuffle of both tribes would be a much more interesting scenario. Aaron thinks they missed an opportunity to form three new tribes of five now that we have fifteen people left. The question of the hidden immunity idol on Matsing is raised. Aaron believes Russell Swan is still looking for the idol but thinks he hasn’t had any luck and the editing isn’t bothering to show his ongoing search.

Rob then brings in Paul Michio McCarthey to talk about the Kalabaw tribe, AKA the Jonathan Penner and Jeff Kent Show. Paul thinks it was a good idea for Penner to try to mend fences with Kent, but finds it odd that he has no idea who he is beings as though he was on the Dodgers for four years. Rob argues that Penner being a big movie buff probably has little interest in following sports.

Everyone agrees that Jeff Kent is the best pro athlete player yet on Survivor and has stood out much more than Steve Wright and Gary Hodgeboom. Rob asks Paul if he can foresee a Gary vs. Jeff season, and Paul says a Jeff Kent vs. Barry Bonds season would be much more interesting. Rob asks Paul who he thinks will win out in the rivalry between Kent and Penner, and Paul points towards Penner dancing after he found the idol in front of his tribemates as a sign that he’s not playing a great social game and thinks Kent will win out.

Finally Rob brings in Tyler Sloan to talk about the slow boiling drama over at the Tandang tribe. Tyler thinks Pete Yurkowski is one of the strongest players on the tribe and respects that he’s there to really play the game, Rob agrees that he’s definitely no floater. Tyler likes Lisa Welchell’s move to align with Pete and says she’s very perceptive about her position in the game.

Rob asks Tyler about the mysterious Artis Silvester. In the secret scenes, Tyler says Artis’s gameplan is revolving around showing the other tribes how strong and unbreakable Tandang is and thinks Matsing voting out Zane Knight first was the fatal flaw that led to that tribe’s downfall.

As usual Rob wraps the show up by talking about the Rob Has a Podcast Fantasy Football League. He brings in RHAP super-fan Frank Clark for his first webshow appearance. Frank says his team the Bounty Hunters have been undefeated but thinks he got lucky because his first couple draft picks were garbage. Frank thinks the people trash talking the most on the league are having the worst seasons.

Rob and Frank are astounded at Prime Time 99’s terrible season and scoring a negative one for this week. Shane Powers is vying for Prime Time’s ejection from the rest of the season because of how horrible his team is. Finally Rob and Frank talk about Mike Skupin and his rocky season. Frank says he tried to trade with Skupin but they couldn’t agree on anything. Rob announces for the second time this season the Rob Has a Podcast Fantasy League was the highest scoring league for the week.

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