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Amazing Race Ep 7 Video Recap

Hi race fans!  Eric Curto here with your week 7 Amazing Race recap!  This week’s episode has it all… from a proposal that never was, to speedos with bow ties and a million dollar coin flip.  Not to mention, that if given the choice I’m pretty sure they would all choose to just spit the prize amongst all the teams evenly. I can’t make heads or tails of what is going on with the racers this week but I have all the crucial info you need right here in this recap.  Make sure you stick around till the end, because there is something you Rob Cesternino fans won’t want to miss! Of course I’ll be breaking down who is in, who is out (if anyone) and all the drama as well.  Now you may have watched The Amazing Race already, but you haven’t seen my comedic take on things.  So sit back, relax and get ready for your recap!

Want to get involved with the recap?   Then chat with me during the show over on twitter @RealityRecaps or in the comment section below this video.  Because your questions, comments or suggestions could make the next recap video!

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