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The Amazing Race 23 Episode 10 Recap is Never a DRAG


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Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) is joined by his Amazing Race partner Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) to recap Episode 10 of the Amazing Race 23 “Cobra in my Teeth” which took teams across Indonesia.

No one goes home… No ones surprised.

Neither Rob nor Jessica is shocked by the fact that this leg was a non-elimination leg. Jessica thinks the producers need to mix it up and put the non-elimination at the final five to surprise people. Rob was surprised that the teams didn’t have much trouble with the snake because of the preview. He thought Marie who was built up to struggle with eating tasks had little issue with it would have had a tougher time. Jessica thinks the texture of the snake was similar to an eel, which she enjoys so she wouldn’t have an issue with it.

Why lie?

Jessica feels there is no strategy to the Afganimals lying to Travis and Nicole and Jason and Amy saying that Tim and Marie have already finished the task. She thinks they were lying for the sake of lying. The move may have backfired according to Jessica because it put a fire under the other two teams because for all they know they may be eliminated.

Why Eggactly?

Rob feels the Motorcycle part of the Eggs challenge was pointless because no one dropped their eggs. Both Jessica and Rob agree that the teams should have cooked their eggs more than they did because you really can’t burn a hardboiled egg. Jessica thinks there is a lot of irony in the fact that Marie didn’t know how to cook, but she knocked the challenge out of the park. Jessica thinks the difference was the fact that she spent a lot of time there and didn’t rush the challenge.

Rob felt the judge of the eggs was a little biased because he didn’t open Marie’s eggs. Jessica believes that you can tell if an egg is boiled by its texture, so there is no need. Jessica feels that the Afganimals claim that Jason and Travis are hypocrites is valid, because they complained about the Afganimals lying, but they lied themselves.

Both Rob and Jessica feel that there was no point to the Brides task, because there wasn’t much behind it besides putting make-up on each other. Jessica said it felt like it was right out of a drag show and feels out of the men that Jason made the best bride, and she gives credit to Amy’s pageant skills for how great Jason looked as a bride.

Scandals and Switching

Rob calls the story behind how Travis and Nicole met scandalous because he was a resident at a hospital and she was a nurse. Jessica believes their story was on the TV show “Untold Stories of the ER”. She is unsure if that type of relationship was frowned upon in the medical world.

The fact that the Afganimals switched tasks twice reminded Jessica of DanDrew (S12) who switched detours once to switch back again. Jessica believes that there was no snake that tried to attack Leo, but they used stock footage to keep it interesting.

Does Jessica actually like the Afganimals?

Jessica thinks the Afganimals have quieted down a bit and actually thinks the Afganimals were funny this week. She compared them to Rob C from Survivor Amazon, where he was rehearsed at first, but became more comfortable over time. She believes that Phil was not on his game this week and that Leo and Jamal did see the non-elimination coming.

Looking forward to the Finale

Jessica feels that this week, Tim and Marie are ready for the finale because they always sort themselves out after they get shaken up. Rob feels they mess up way too much though for them to be viable. Both Jessica and Rob feel that Jason and Amy have started to peak at the right time for them to win the race. Rob would still pick Travis and Nicole and Jessica thinks Jason and Amy will win. Jessica initially picked the Afganimals because she thought she would like them as racers.

It’s Question Time!

Jessica chose Jason and Amy to win because they look like the most boring. She feels they have defied that stereotype and they are interesting and they have surprised her in a good way.

Jessica thinks they need non-elimination legs because of the logistics of the show.

Jessica has not changed her opinion on the Afganimals, but they have been less objectionable.

Anything is possible on the Amazing Race according to Jessica, so the Afganimals have a shot of winning.

Jessica would love to see an audio memory task on the Finale of the Amazing Race. Rob thinks Phil should wear a different Hat and the final challenge should be arranging his hats.

Jessica feels the editing on Reality TV shows can be challenging because after 23 seasons of any particular show, you can have a good indication of what is going to happen on the show.

Join Rob and Jessica next week as they recap the Amazing Race finale at its normal time on Monday at 10 ER and Jessica will update us from the cast party on Sunday night.

Special Thanks to Michael Shaheen for his Amazing Recap of this podcast!

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