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Amazing Race 23 Season Preview and Cast Assessment

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Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) preview the cast of 11 teams competing in The Amazing Race 23

Ally & Ashley – La Kings Ice Girls (5:20)

Ally & Ashley are friends that both work for the L.A. Kings as Ice Girls who come out and clean up the ice in between periods at hockey games.

Brandon & Adam – Bearded Friends (11:25)

We don’t know if Brandon & Adam are hippies or metalheads, but they’ve got big beards and they are best buds.

Chester & Ephram – Former NFL Players (15:45)

Long-time friends who both played in the NFL, including one season when they both played for the Houston Texans.

H.B. & Naina – Father & Daughter (21:00)

A Father & Daughter team with an Indian background, we’ll see if H.B.’s rigidness will work on The Amazing Race

Jason & Amy – Dating Bostonians (25:05)

Representing Boston after last April’s Boston Marathon bombing, Jason & Amy are a dating couple looking to test their relationship on the race

Leo & Jamal – Cousins with an Afghanistan Heritage (30:40)

These cousins are better known as the Afghanimals… which we don’t really know what that means, but it could be fun.

Nicky & Kim – Baseball Wives (34:35) 

Nicky and Kim are respectively the wives of Major League Baseball players, Chris Getz and David Dejusus.  Rob is rooting for them simply for the amount of Giles-like baseball puns that can be made.

Rowan & Shane – Bingo Buddies (40:00)

They’re best friends and business partners in a show where they dress in drag and talk about Bingo… I’m in.

Tim & Danny – Oil Field Friends (43:15) 

They’re this years “Fish out of Water” team, we’ll see if these two friends from Oklahoma can make it as they experience the world for the first time.

Tim & Marie – Exes (46:55) 

They’re ex-boyfriend and girlfriend, which we can only hope will lead to a lot of fighting this season

Travis & Nicole – Married Doctors (50:40) 

Married ER Doctors who seem to not flinch under pressure.

Questions (52:20) 

Rob and Jessica answer your LIVE questions from youtube and Twitter about the upcoming season.

Predictions (1:02:10) 

Rob and Jessica make their picks for The Winners of The Amazing Race 23

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