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Amazing Race 22 Season Finale Video Recap Eric Curto

Eric Curto is back again covering The Amazing Race this season. His short comedic recaps will catch you up on everything you missed, provide some insider info and feature bonus footage from the show all season long!

Hi race fans! Eric Curto here with your Amazing Race 22 season finale recap. But first I just want to thank you all for watching along with me all season. Now, this double episode has it all… bog pits, ball pits, secret agents, flying racers and even Barack Obama! We take a ride on the Titanic visit Martin Luther King Jr. and so much more! But don’t worry because I’m here to break it all down for you in under 9 minutes! Of course I’ll tell you who is in, who is out (if anyone) and all the drama as well. You may have watched The Amazing Race already, but you haven’t seen my comedic take on things. Sit back, relax, and get ready for your recap!

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