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Recapping the Amazing Race 22 Finale LIVE with Eric Curto

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Listen to the Podcast:

Rob Cesternino is joined by Eric curto (@realityrecaps) to breakdown everything that happened in two hour Amazing Race finale with all the highs and blunders of the final tasks. They are a little bum puzzled about why Bates and Anthony never got U-turned since they were such apparent threats.

Rob and Eric discuss whether Bates and Anthony happened in to a lot of luck throughout the race or did they have an advantage being professional athletes. The guys attempt to try and figure out what bog snorkeling exactly is and why Caroline and Jen had such trouble. Rob laments that nobody paid homage to the classic film, Titanic by referencing any of the films great lines.

Rob and Eric also discuss the competitiveness of the season and the difficulty of the challenges comparatively to that of other seasons. Rob and Eric didn’t like the surprise finale appearance of Barack Obama*. Like always, Rob takes your questions on the finale and discusses them with Eric. Rob and Eric discus such questions like having racers race with strangers. Find out if this finale was yeah or meh. Eric and Rob also get some updates from amazing race blogger, jessica liese, as they fond out Max and katie listened to the podcast. Get ready for the reality television RHAPture coming up in the next few weeks by staying tuned to Rob has a Podcast.

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