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A Night of Scorpions, Bushmen and Apologies on Amazing Race

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This week the Amazing Race teams left Vietnam to take part in a set of challenges set in Botswana featuring the Kalahari bushmen. Rob Cesternino is joined by Eric Curto to discuss all of this week’s drama on our Amazing Race podcast.

Rob and Eric begin by discussing the apology that was added to the opening of this week’s Amazing Race. The show apologized for being insensitive during last week’s show when the teams were racing through Hanoi, Vietnam. The teams were forced to memorize words to a socialist song and then featured a memorial to a B-52 shot down by American forces in the Vietnam war. The Amazing Race and CBS came under a lot of fire this week as a result of this episode, specifically on Fox News.

Turning to the race itself, Rob and Eric began discussing the first task from this week’s episode which involved the teams digging for scorpions with the bushmen in order to capture them and put them in to a jar.  When the teams found a scorpion they would have to put it on their hand before placing the scorpion in the jar.  However, the Kalahari bushmen were putting the scorpions in to their mouths – KIDS DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

The roadblock required teams to either try and make a fire on their own or to build a trap that would catch a chicken.  Other than Bates and Anthony, the teams would struggle with the fire making challenge.  Pam and Winnie, smart from watching a lot of television, know that fire making is no picnic and they opt for the trap making challenge.  For Max and Katie, their attempt at making the fire went on too long before deciding to give up and switch to the other task.  The two narrowly avoided elimination when Phil said that this was a non-elimination leg of the race.

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