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Did We Just See the Dumbest Move in Amazing Race History?

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This week on the Amazing Race, history was made when John and Jessica chose to not use the Express Pass during this leg and were the last team to arrive to the mat. Rob covers this historic night with two Amazing Race recappers. First, Rob is joined by Eric Curto (@realityrecaps) and then is joined by Amazing Race historian, Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie).

Rob starts off the conversation with Eric by saying that he thinks this was the dumbest move in the history of competitive reality TV because John and Jessica could’ve used the Express Pass at any point, but decided not to. Rob said this is worse than Ozzy and James getting voted off Survivor with Immunity Idols because those guys got blindsided. Eric even agreed that this was worse that Marcellus not using the golden power of veto on Big Brother 3 because he thought he could trust Danielle and Jason.

Eric was more interested in talking about how Caroline and Jen made the show interesting tonight. Eric was very disturbed about how Caroline had a flying squirrel die on her after she kept it in her bra. Caroline and Jen were also close to a breakdown during this leg of the race.

Later in the show, Rob dialed up Jessica Liese to ask her how this blunder held up to other bad moves in Amazing Race history. Jessica said that Amazing Race history is not littered with a lot of bad moves like this. Far more likely is a team to get bad directions or have a tough time with a task than to make a bad move.

Rob asks Jessica about the team of David and Connor and how unlikely their dominance is in the game. How amazing would it be if a cancer-surviving father and son could win the Amazing Race with a Dad on crutches?

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