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Eric Curto’s Video Recap of Episode 8 of Amazing Race 22

Hi race fans! Eric Curto here with your Amazing Race 22 week eight recap! I am so excited to have the race back this week. Yet, I’d be even happier if it ever started on time! At least this episode is full of ups and downs, literally. The racers are off to Switzerland so you know what that means… lots of chocolate, and yodeling right? Wrong! It apparently means lots of cheese, dogs and snow. Cause when I think Switzerland I think snow dogs and cheese! Perhaps chocolate just cost too much in an episode where the detour was cut and a “switchback” was seen for the first time in years. There were 13,000 feet mountains with dangling gnomes, ogres and even the Belleview hotel! So if you have no idea what I’m talking about, good! I’m here to break it all down for you in under 8 minutes! Of course I’ll tell you who is in, who is out (if anyone) and all the drama as well. You may have watched The Amazing Race already, but you haven’t seen my comedic take on things. So sit back, relax and break out the wine and cheese (you’ll need it)!

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