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Recapping an Animal Filled Night The Amazing Race

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On the latest episode of the Amazing Race, the teams got to spend a lot of time with animals in Africa. Rob is joined by the excellent Amazing Race blogger, Jessica Liese, to discuss all of the action from this week of the Race.

Rob starts out with the collapse of his pick to win the Amazing Race, Pam and Winnie, who were the last team to arrive at the pitstop. Rob thinks that Pam and Winnie quit the brawn part of the challenge too quickly when their donkey wouldn’t budge. Rob thinks that they could’ve stuck it out and got their donkey moving.

Rob asks Jessica about the speeding tickets received by Max and Katie and the Country Singers, Jennifer and Caroline on this leg of the race. Jessica believes this is the first time that teams have ever been ticketed by the government of a foreign country on the Amazing Race. Rob wants to know why Katie was in such a bad mood on this leg of the race, and felt especially bad for Max when he backed in to the pole – though Jessica loved it.

Finally, Rob and Jessica revealed the Amazing Race power rankings which had Bates and Anthony at #1

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