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The Blind Leading the Blind U-Turned on Amazing Race

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Another episode of the Amazing Race is here and Rob Cesternino is back to recap it all with Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie)

Rob and Jessica begin by discussing the Blind Double U-Turn which affected the action on this leg of the race. Pam & Winnie were the team that was the first to arrive to the Double U-turn and elected to U-turn the youtube team of Joey and Meghan. Jessica would reveal that she thinks this was poor strategy for Pam and Winnie because it’s too early in the Amazing Race. Jessica says that now Pam and Winnie will be unable to use the u-turn later in the race and will be the target of Joey and Meghan’s acrimony going forward.

In turn, Joey and Meghan used their U-Turn on Chuck and Wynona, the team that is already in last place. Jessica felt like strategically, this was the right decision because it ensured that there would be somebody left behind them in the race.

Rob and Jessica talked about how Wynona is a complete drag on the Chuck and Wynona team. Rob was very upset that Wynona was complaining about Chuck because he is LITERALLY carrying this team on his back right now.

Turning to David and Connor, Rob and Jessica discuss the brave front that they put on to compete and win two legs of the race after David tore his achilles. Rob and Jessica both think they will be back on a potential all-star amazing race.

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