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The Amazing Race 21 Episode 4 Comedic Recap

Hi race fans!  Eric Curto here with your week four Amazing Race recap!  With Halloween fast approaching, it’s only appropriate that this recap is filled with lots of tricks and treats!  I’ll be supplying the tricks and Rob will be giving one lucky viewer a swag treat!  All the details are right here inside my latest recap video!

Now, I should warn you upfront.  With racers chanting, “long, strong and hard” plus challenges called, “pound the cotton”… this episode of the race was full of innuendos. And as much as I can’t resist them, I tried to keep it family friendly.  It’s not like there wasn’t plenty of other things to cover from dead rats, to Ryan’s sweating and the much needed “Fast Pass”.  Of course I’ll be breaking down who is in, who is out (if anyone) and all the drama as well.  Now you may have watched The Amazing Race already, but you haven’t seen my comedic take on things.  So sit back, relax and get ready for the most “racy” recap yet!

Want to get involved with the recap?   Then chat with me during the show over on twitter @RealityRecaps or in the comment section below this video.  Because your questions, comments or suggestions could make the next recap video!

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