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Guest Post: The Amazing Race Episode 3 Video Recap

Hi race fans! Eric Curto here with your week three Amazing Race recap! As well as another question… Are you a great person? Because if you are then you too can win the The Amazing Race! All the details are right here inside my latest recap video!

Actually, this recap could be a “what not to do” when trying to win a million dollars on a reality show video. For example, don’t make an alliance with 2/3 of the cast. Don’t kill a half hour lead just to wait for your friends. But most of all, don’t waste a golden opportunity (to literally) blind side some of your fellow contestants! Of course I’ll be breaking down who is in, who is out (if anyone) and all the drama as well. Now you may have watched The Amazing Race already, but you haven’t seen my comedic take on things. So sit back, relax and get ready to be hit with a face full of fun!

Want to get involved with the recap? Then chat with me during the show over on twitter @RealityRecaps (or your favorite social media site of choice below) and your questions, comments or suggestions could make the next recap video!

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