Amazing Race 25

Amazing Race 2014: Exit Interview with the Latest Team Eliminated | E-mail Edition!

Rob Cesternino talks communicates with the latest team eliminated from “The Amazing Race”. This week Rob talks  writes questions to #TeamNashville, aka Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan formerly of Survivor South Pacific who were eliminated in Morocco in Episode 5 of The Amazing Race 25 on Friday, October 24th, 2014.

Due to having a previous engagement, Whitney and Keith were unable to speak with Rob at the usual exit interview time.  However, Whitney and Keith were available to answer some questions over e-mail.

Exit Interview with Team Nashville, Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan, Fourth Team Eliminated on The Amazing 25

Rob Cesternino: Does Keith feel like he was overly aggressive towards Shelley and Nici?

Keith Tolefson: I don’t feel I was overly aggressive but definitely overreacted. Shelley started trying to pull me off the mat yelling “your partners not here” and I got frustrated yelling “your not allowed to touch me, don’t touch me”. All the teams arrived at the same time to get the clue and it was a mess, once she’s started pulling me I should have let her go. There was no advantage gained by anyone, and it obviously hurt us to let my emotions get the better of me.

Rob: How would this leg have turned out differently if Keith and Whitney had gone to tea pouring task first?

Whitney Duncan: “I think it would’ve turned out completely different. It took us 10 minutes to do the tea time detour, so we might’ve beat Shelly & Nici, and we would’ve U-turned Misty and Jim to flush the Save.

Rob: Did they realize how close they were to the treasure chest in the first episode?

Keith: Obviously not, or I would’ve just kept digging!

Rob: Will Whitney write a country music song about the bad luck that they had on The Amazing Race?

Whitney: Maybe I will…I could write “Your head is the reason we are failing” Lol. Best line ever!

Rob: In what ways was The Amazing Race more challenging than Survivor?

Whitney: I think Survivor is actually more challenging…more mental than Amazing Race. The race is more physical.

Rob: Have Keith and Whitney gotten to go on their Honeymoon yet?

Whitney: Yes, we got married 3 months ago! We went to Dominican Republic for our honeymoon. We love beaches!

Rob: What did Keith and Whitney learn about each other competing on The Amazing Race?

Whitney: Nothing we didn’t already know about each other. This was not our first stressful adventure in life! We are both stubborn and brutally honest, but we are real. One thing I love about us is that we are comfortable enough to let the emotions fly and know that has no effect on how much we love each other. Words of Affirmation isn’t either of our love languages anyway, haha.

Keith: We both have dominant personalities and we value each other’s opinion while challenging each other to be better.

Rob: Would Keith and Whitney return to Survivor on a Blood vs. Water season?

Keith: We’ve already lost 2 million dollars so far…what’s another million?! ha

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