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Amazing Race 2014: All-Stars Episode 11 Recap with Marie Mazzocchi


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LIVE on May 12th, Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap Episode 11 of The Amazing Race All-Stars with special guest Marie Mazzocchi from The Amazing Race 23

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Amazing Race Correspondent Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) are joined tonight by Marie from Amazing Race 23, to recap episode 11 of the Amazing Race 24, “Hay Ho Heidi Ho” which took teams from Spain to Switzerland.

Marie decided not to do the Amazing Race All-Stars with her partner Tim because it was just a little too close to her previous season. Jessica comments that the lack of a break didn’t appear to be a hindrance for the Afganimals. Marie said that it also would have been way too much time spent with Tim, and it was a busy time for her at work. She thinks she would have done well on this season though, because she considers it an easier season then 23.

Afghanimals Gotta Go

Marie was sad to see the Afganimals go home this season, but she did see it coming at the beginning of the episode when Production foreshadowed it with Jamal’s confessional saying that is where they went out last time. Because of that foreshadowing, Marie thought they were either going to go out that episode or go on to win the entire thing, and unfortunately they went home.

Marie thinks that their elimination wasn’t a mistake that they made, rather, it was a lack of mistakes from the other teams. The Afganimals finished the Road Block close to Connor, so it was that few minutes of getting lost that cost them the race.

Marie preferred the first version of the Afganimals, because they were more cut throat. Marie thinks they didn’t have a choice in their persona, and had to show the other racers that they learned a lesson from the last time they were on the race or they would have immediately been targets.

Rob pipes in saying that he had talked to Jamal and he had said that if they had to run the race a third time, they would have gone back to the original way they raced, because they still got U-Turned as the nice funny guys. Jessica thinks that they could have made the top three in their original race if they could have put together the Robot in the final challenge. Marie is convinced that if Amy had never helped Nicole, the Afganimals would have beaten them and may have won the race.

No Bickering with Brenchel

Marie does not think she would have fought Rachel of Brenchel on this race, unless Rachel went into it looking for a fight. She thinks Rachel cries a little too much, but she may have aligned with her if they were on the Race. Rob thinks they get along better with couples, because no one else can get between her and her man. Jessica doesn’t see Rachel as much of an instigator, and thinks she is more reactive.

If given a choice, Marie would rather boil another egg then learn a poem in Welsh.

Marie does not think that Dave and Connor are justified in complaining about the U-Turn. She thinks its part of the race and they wouldn’t put the board there if people were supposed to just walk by it. She thinks Jason and Amy were more justified in being angry in their season of the race, because they believed that Tim and Marie had broken a rule, which they did not, while Dave and Connor were mad about someone who followed the rules.

Beating Up Eighth Graders

Marie gets her bad girl persona from growing up with boys and being a little bit of a tomboy herself. Her report cards always said she needed improvement working well with others. Although Marie has been in a few fights, including one where she beat up an eighth grader who was picking on her sister when she was in third grade. Marie claims to never be the instigator of those fights though.

Out of the final three teams, Marie is rooting for Team Brenchel. She thinks Dave and Connor are boring and whine a lot and she doesn’t like the Country Girls as racers, and feel they should have been gone a long time ago. If Dave and Connor win the Amazing Race, Marie will beat up Dave and Connor.

Since Connor has done 7 Road Blocks in comparison to Dave’s 4, Marie feels that production will make him do all the remaining Road Blocks to keep it even. She thinks it would be ridiculous if production changes the rules just for Dave.

They Have To Do What?

Marie thinks the tasks have gone downhill from the beginning of the race. She liked the challenge where the teams had to build their own raft and go down the river, but she did not like the task where teams needed to shave a balloon. 

Marie liked the Soccer task on the last leg, but doesn’t think the country girls completed it. Marie feels that the country girls took too long, so production just said you can go and they zipped some footage together. Rob notes that the Country Girls finished before Dave and Connor.

Marie thinks the comparison of the Welsh Poem Challenge and the Vienna’s Boys Choir challenge was a fair one. She thought the teams would go around the loop again every time they got it wrong, verses just sitting there until they got it right. Rob and Jessica echoed this sentiment, with Jessica thinking that it may have been because they did not want to rent the boats for the entire day.

If Marie had been on this season, she would have done Boot It over Shoot It, because it was more physical. Marie feels that Rachel had a mental lapse, because she had just read the clue before picking up the boots and she must have gotten confused because 10 is in between 9 and 11. 

Carrying the Country Girls

Marie feels that the Icecababes are stronger racers then the Country Singers, because the Country Singers let people carry through the race. The Icecababes did that a little bit, but they were a stronger team in challenges.

Marie doesn’t think that Jamal’s injury hurt the Afganimals in this leg because there wasn’t anything that involved excessive running. She feels they got unlucky by getting lost, but doesn’t think the knee had anything to do with it.

Marie thinks Dave has to ride on Connors back because he is “like 100”. She feels that a lot of teams do this though, like how Marie carried Tim on her back the entire season.

No More Three Timers

Out of the All-Star teams, Marie was excited to see the Brenchels, Globetrotters and the Afganimals. She thinks all of them were very entertaining. She felt the three time teams were overkill. She doesn’t think the Cowboys shouldn’t have been there because there boring, nor Jessica and John. She thinks John and Jessica should have been brought back for Unfinished Business 2, but not All-Stars.

Marie feels that the rule on this challenge was size 9 or 11, to mess teams up. She feels that if the Brenchels didn’t mess up on this part of the clue, it wouldn’t have been brought up. 

Marie would never run the race with Mallory. She can barely handle watching Mallory on TV never mind working with her on the Race. She wouldn’t want to race with Mark either, because she would feel bad bossing him around too much for not going fast enough. Marie never would have gone back for their backpacks. Tim and Marie lost their bags during their season and they fought about it for like 45 minutes, before deciding to leave it behind.

Question Time

  • Marie thinks a season where teams are forced to switch partners would be fun, because she would yell at anyone they paired her with.
  • Marie probably will not watch Amazing Race 25, and had never watched Amazing Race prior to being cast on the show. She was hanging out with Tim, when they saw an ad for the Amazing Race watching football and made an application video that day.
  • Marie thinks no one should be allowed to come back for a third time, however if they keep the rule, she would like to see Brenchel back.
  • Jessica would like to see an all Switchbacks tasks season, where nostalgic tasks are brought back again.
  • Tim is missing because he forgot about the Podcast and Marie did not want to remind him. Marie called him and he claimed he was at an event.
  • Marie thinks it’s better to go from Villain to Hero then the other way around. She doesn’t think Dave and Connor are villains, but think people are getting sick of them whining and complaining.
  • Marie feels that Brenchel will somehow do something really mean or awful and will end up losing the race. She feels that Jen and Caroline will come in second or third just because they are there. She thinks that Dave and Connor are going to end up winning it.
  • You can follow Marie on Twitter at @Reebsicle. Be sure to check out Rob Has A Podcast tomorrow when Rob sits down with Poker Player Jason Somerville about Survivor. Join us for our Amazing Race RHAP-Up on next Sunday night!

Special thanks to Michael Shaheen for another fantastic Amazing Race Recap

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