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Celebrity Apprentice Finale: The Donald Picks His Winner

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After months of boardroom firings it all came down to Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins to be hired as the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. Rob Cesternino is joined by Ryan Pappolla to discuss Donald Trump’s decision to hire Trace Adkins as the winner of Celebrity Apprentice.

Rob and Ryan felt like Penn played a perfect game and Donald Trump held a grudge against Penn for controversial comments that he made about Donald Trump in his book. Otherwise, Penn played a perfect game this season and gave Doanld Trump no reason not to hire him as the winner of the show.

In the rest of the episode, Rob and Ryan discussed many of eccentricities of the cast shown in tonight’s reunion show. The biggest news of the night was the fight that took place between LaToya Jackson and Omarossa about Latoya’s comments about the late Michael Clarke Duncan. It was a big mystery why Bret Michaels wasn’t at the live show. Plus, giving $100,000 to Lil Jon caused a lot of confusion because it was treated as if Lil Jon had just won the show. Rob and Ryan also reveal what Stephen Baldwin had been tweeting during the live show.

In the task part of the show, Rob and Ryan commented on some of the unlikely celebrities that appeared on the show which included Vincent Pastore, Gilbert Gottfried and even Tim Tebow. Rob is not thrilled to see the former New York Jet QB football player show up to help Trace Adkins win the task. Rob was also surprised to see Gary Busey sing as Buddy Holly during the event.

Looking forward to next season, the guys discuss some faces that they would not mind seeing show up on the Celebrity Apprentice 7… if it actually happens.

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