Alison Raybould: Survivor Post Game Retrospective

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Alison Raybould: Survivor Post Game Retrospective

Rob Cesternino catches up with Survivor: David vs. Goliath‘s Dr. Alison Raybould in the fourth of our post game retrospectives. Alison shares her strategy in the game from trying to downplay her designation as a Goliath and being selected as one of the strongest on her tribe right from the getgo. Rob and Alison discuss her time on Goliath beach and dealing with the Natalie vs. Jeremy feud, as well as her time on the outs of the Tiva tribe during the swap. They discuss the blindside of Carl, her lack of rewards, the many attempts to take her out as a big target in the game, her time at Ponderosa, and much more of her 37 days in the game.

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