Survivor Caramoan Final 12 Power Rankings from AJ Mass

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AJ Mass (@AJmass) writes about Fantasy sports for ESPN is the author of the book “How Fantasy Sport Explains the World“.  Every season of Survivor, AJ joins Rob Cesternino to discuss the 12 archetypes he outlines in his book.  AJ discusses his thoughts on Survivor Caramoan, gives us the 12 archetypes in the form of power rankings and gives his insights into Big Brother Canada.

For those of our listeners playing along at home, AJ reveals which Survivor is which archetype from the following list:

  • The Loose Cannon
  • The Diplomat
  • Old Reliable
  • The Ninja – (Person you don’t realize is there)
  • Fresh Meat
  • The Idiot Savant
  • The Mad Scientist
  • The Cheerleader
  • The XX Factor (The person who isn’t like the other)
  • Captain Loophole
  • The Marriage of Convenience (Two players always hand in hand)
  • The Narcissist

AJ reveals which of the players he thinks fit each of these archetypes in the order that he believes that they will finish the game.

Later, AJ gives us his thoughts about The Amazing Race and Survivor.  AJ has enjoyed watching Peter so far this season on Big Brother Canada this well.  Finally, AJ shares his thought on some players to watch in Fantasy Baseball this year including his crazy man love for Mike Trout.

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