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Survivor 2014: The Men and Women who made up the Cast of Brains, Brawn and Beauty Tribes of Survivor Cagayan - Season 28
Survivor 2014: The Cast of Survivor Cagayan – Season 28

Survivor Cagayan is the 28th season of the long running CBS reality TV series hosted by Jeff Probst. Survivor 28 was originally known as Survivor BBB or Survivor Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn. This season was the first time that the three tribes were broken up in to a particular character archetype. Survivor 2014 will be shot completely in the Philippines.

The season’s three tribe’s were originally broken in to the following groups of 6. The Beauty tribe was named Solana (always dressed in Purple) and consisted of Alexis Maxwell, Jefra Bland, Morgan McLeod, Brice Johnston, LJ McKanas and Jeremiah Wood. The Brawn tribe was named Aparri and (always dressed in orange) consisted of Sarah Lacina, Trish Hegarty, Lindsey Ogle, Yung “Woo” Hwang, Tony Vlachos and former NBA player Cliff Robinson. The Brains tribe was named Luzon (always dressed in Green) and consisted of J’Tia Taylor, Kass McQuillen, Tasha Fox, Garrett Adelstein, Spencer Bledsoe and President of the Miami Marlins, David Samson. It’s the first time since Survivor: One World (Season 24) which has not had any returning Survivor players.

The first season of Survivor 2014 premiered with a two-hour episode titled, “Hot Girl with a Grudge” on Wednesday, February 26th. The Survivor 28 Finale will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd followed by a live reunion show. This will be the first time the Survivor Finale will not be on a Sunday since the Survivor Thailand finale in 2002.

Survivor Cagayan featured several twists unique to this season. In the opening minutes of the game, Jeff Probst asked each of the teams to select a leader. The Beauty tribe selected LJ McKanas, the Brains tribe selected Sarah Lacina and the Brains selected David Samson. Each of these players then had to choose a player that they deemed to be the weakest. LJ chose Morgan McLeod, Sarah chose Trish Hegarty and David chose Garrett Adelstein. These three players that were selected as the weakest then were brought to the their respective tribe’s camp via helicopter and offered a choice. The players were able to choose to receive an extra bag of rice or a clue for the hidden immunity idol. While Trish selected the rice, both Garrett and Morgan chose a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Though Garrett found his tribes hidden immunity idol, the idol Morgan was looking for was ultimately found by LJ later in the game.

The Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn twist finally ended on Day 12 when the players got the opportunity to select new buffs. After the shuffle, the new Aparri tribe consisted of Sarah, Kass, Tasha, Spencer, Morgan, Jeremiah and Alexis while the new Solana tribe had Tony, Cliff, Woo, Trish, Lindsey, LJ and Jefra. Eventually, the two tribes would merge on Day 19 forming a new tribe named the Solarrion Tribe (which wears a black Survivor buff).

Another twist to the game comes in the form of new Hidden Immunity Idol with more powers than the conventional immunity idol. Jeff Probst revealed in the pre-season that the idea for this super-powered immunity idol was texted to him by actor / director / producer, Tyler Perry, who came up with this idea after Survivor Caramoan.

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