A Survivor Tribal Council for the Ages…

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It was one of the craziest tribal councils of all time on this week’s Survivor Nicaragua and Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back with a two-part podcast that covers all the angles.

In Part 1, Rob and Nicole talk with Chad Crittenden from Survivor Vanuatu about his experiences being the first amputee to ever compete on Survivor. Find out what Chad thinks about how Kelly Bruno is holding up on this season. We’ll also get Chad’s thoughts about the wild tribal council explosions between Shannon and Sash and Fabio and NaOnka.

In Part 2, Rob and Nicole talk with Gordon Holmes of who covers Survivor for the site. Gordon tells us what happened in his conversation with Shannon earlier in the day and what it was like to compete in the immunity challenge shown in this week’s episode.

It’s a Survivor podcast more amazing than $1600 alligator shoes… it’s Rob Has a Podcast!

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Part 1 with Chad Crittenden:

Part 2 with Gordon Holmes:

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